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  • Peg's Trucking phone number

    I have a friend that needs a vehicle transported and I wanted to get Peg Palaszeski's phone number so he could talk with her about it! Thanks. Bruce.
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    Try 248-809-3436
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      She is not good about returning phone calls. Sometimes never after several calls!


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        Packard Hawk


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          Go ahead and "Stir" Michael! Reality is Reality, no matter how you slice it! Politically correct is NOT!
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            Originally posted by MCCAB1 View Post
            I have a friend that needs a vehicle transported and I wanted to get Peg Palaszeski's phone number so he could talk with her about it! Thanks. Bruce.
            Here's the web site, i had good luck going thru it at the beginning, of the five companies i've used. Pegs is the only one i'd use again.



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              Have used Peg's for 6 or 8 cars, pick up & delivery - never a problem, good communication, good price, maybe people with unpronouncable names just stick together.


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                I have used Peg's before. I actually bought a Champ Truck from John P. and Sal and had her ship it all the way from California to Florida. (she ended up charging me $200.00 more than she quoted) She operates like every other shipping company. She goes checks on a board somewhere to see who is where and who can pick what up when. All she has is her customer service. Her not calling me back at all several times when I needed a car shipped puts her low on my list. I see her glorified all the time on our message boards and shake my head wondering why.
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                  I "glorify" her because I've used her many, many times now, and she has alway been great. Sure, sometimes glitches come up, but that's where she shines; you deal with her personally and she handles any problems. I ship cars every week in my business, and getting the deal made is easy; it how the logistics are handled that's the key.

                  As has been stated here several times, Peg recently completed a difficult move to another state. A search turns up those threads:



                  Some have had complaints. Nobody's perfect, and no one said Peg is. But when I need a transport from another state, Peg is my only call.
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                    Peg runs a one woman operation, and is just a broker. As has been stated, she may make a mistake now and than, heck, she can even be cranky on occasion, but if I have a problem she fixes it. If you need a car hauled in a air ride, enclosed truck and handled by guys in white gloves she is not your gal.

                    She may not be cheapest on every haul either, and you may find get a great deal and a satisfactory haul from someone else, so shop around and listen to forum members references to other shippers. For me, she always gets my hauls, because in the long run, she's been the best consistently. Not always the cheapest, nor without a problem now and than, but after a few dozen hauls the best I've found. In the long run, we all have our favorites, and no one shipper is a perfect fit for everyone so shop around.
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