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Putting 350 in a 61 Lark Vert

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    Hello All,
    Just a quick update.
    The motor is hooked to the trani and we inserted it into the car.
    We have motor mount issues But A NICE call to Mr. T-Bow and I think
    we are on the road to getting this moving.

    He has a list of parts to complete the job.
    I talked to Tom the owner and he is going to call
    Mr. T-Bow and I think we should be in good shape

    Thanks - -Jim


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      Hello All,
      Just thought i'd post another update.
      Things are moving along. The motor is now mounted in place and we are
      doing the trans mount today. I must admit - -The bolts for the motor support
      were real hard to get to. Those that have done this job will undertstand.
      The cross over is "boxed" with only 2 small holes. Makes it tough to start the
      nuts on - -BUT after almsot 3 hours the motor s seated.

      The next phase is he trans mount. Tom purchased a mount and cross memeber from
      MR. T-Bow and we shall see if it attaches to the 700 tranni.

      After that - -time to replace a few more items
      CArb, shorter water pump, electrci fuel pump
      Then install the ram exhaust manifolds and then
      determine the length of the driveshaft.

      Once that is all complete we will install a dual
      bowl master cylinder.

      Several people have been a GREAT help on this project
      and Tom and I both appreciate it

      It is going along - -

      Thanks - -Jim (Print Dad)


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        I love it when a plan comes together. Sounds like you are doing a great job and your friend Tom will be driving with a big smile on his face before long. Thanks for keeping us posted!

        Pat Dilling
        Olivehurst, CA
        Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

        LS1 Engine Swap Journal: