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62 Lark Rear Fender Installation

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  • 62 Lark Rear Fender Installation

    I did a search on the forum and couldn't find anything on this. Is there any kind of gasket or welting used between the rear fenders and the body when the fender is bolted on? Thanks.

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    Only Seam Sealer is used at the upper body join area, some body types have welds at the front edge, possibly lower.
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      Does anyone on the forum have a particular brand of seam sealer that they like for doing this rear fender area?
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        I used a 3M brand when I installed my rear fenders after some body work in the early 1990s. When I pulled off the right fender last month to fix a rustly wheelwell the seam sealer was still plyable/rubbery/not dried out and had good adhesion to the body. I needed a utility knife to cut through the sealer so 3M brand will hold up for at least 20 years. I only wish that I could recall the variety that I bought back in the day

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