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Just checking Who lives around Minneapolis, Minnesota That has Studes

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  • Just checking Who lives around Minneapolis, Minnesota That has Studes

    that might know of cheap storage for the winters there? That might might be willing to store one for help with your projects? Just throwing that out there it would be for Winter of 2012. Let me know.
    Thanks Anne
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    I think Bob Peterson is a former resident. He met me there a couple of winters ago and I'm sure he met others there, too, with his nice California Stude parts. I bet he knows the Stude guys up there and could help.
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      Hi Anne, I live in a suburb of Mpls. Don't know how cheap you are trying to get, but back in 07-08, I stored my daytona at the mn state fairgrounds for the winter. I can't find how much I paid, but it was a pretty good deal, for being inside a building (cold storage) with concrete floors. Nice and dry. They are very particular about dates in/out (late october to late march) since they deal with hundreds or thousands of cars, and they pack em in tight.

      otherwise, you just gotta search the local classifieds & craigslist in the late summer/fall. You may not find much too far in advance. One year, I was pretty lucky and found someone who just built a nice big garage in the fall, but wasn't getting their boat until spring.

      Since then, I have added a third stall to house garage. Woo-hooo!
      Good Luck.


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        Live 20 minutes west of the Twin Cities.Can get free storage Send me a note.
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          Hey Anne,

          Lubbock is WAY nicer than Minnesota, and I'll store the Hawk for free in my living room! I'll even EXERCISE it for you!


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            I live southwest of the Cities by 15 miles. I have a 12 car pole barn. Rate is $25.00 per month. Building is spotless, fairly new, mouse free and only open to Studes and Packards. Building is well protected in my yard, currently full. Should have some openings this summer. Keep me in mind if you like. take care
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              Now that I know about all this Minnesota storage- I might just have to go
              after a 'little' sumthin' sumthin' I've had my eye on since last Fall.

              But first I'll have to check and see just how 'little' it is...
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