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Seattle to Hazelton in a 1911 Flanders 20

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  • Seattle to Hazelton in a 1911 Flanders 20

    Hi, I am trying to locate the 1911 Flanders 20 driven by Perley E.Sands from Seattle to Hazelton in 1911. It may have been displayed at the Seattle Museum of History and Industry in 1961. Would anyone know of the location of this 1911 Flanders 20?
    Update: This automobile has been found to be on display at the Kittitas County Museum in Ellensburg, WA.
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    This 1911 Flanders resides in Central Florida. I don't know if it's a model 20 or not, tho.

    Yours truly riding as the passenger. Hard to believe that was almost 7 years ago.


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      Discovered at on display at the Kittitas County Historical Museum in Ellensburg,WA

      Hi, The Flanders 20 that Perley E.Sands drove from Seattle, WA to Hazelton, BC is now on display at the Kittitas County Historical Museum in Ellensburg, WA.
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        It's all very interesting of course, but having been to both Hazelton (on the Skeena River in NW B.C.) and to Seattle Wa., I am still trying to figure out why someone would want to make a big deal about traveling between these two places?

        PS - Glad to see the Studebaker was "found"!
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          I've worked on that car and polished brass too, but that was 10 years ago.


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            I better get up there-it's only 45 minuntes away!!!!!


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              Promoting the highway to Alaska.


              The gold medal offered by the Pacific Highway Association for the first automobile to travel to Hazelton was to promote a highway to Alaska. Hazelton was the furthest point that could reasonably be reached at that time. The Pacific Highway Association next offered a "First to Dawson" medal, but this trip was never attempted. World War II finally resulted in the building of the Alaska Highway, but the route chosen did not go through Hazelton as it was considered too close to the coast and in danger of being bombed by the Japanese. The Stewart-Cassiar Highway to Alaska which does go through Hazelton was completed in 1972 with the building of the bridge across the Nass River.


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                <<I am still trying to figure out why someone would want to make a big deal about traveling between these two places?>>

                Becuase it's a more interesting route than the drive to Portland, OR! :-)


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                  Gold Medal awarded to Perley E.Sands for the &quot;First to Hazelton&quot; trip.

                  Hi, Here are four photographs of the gold medal awarded to Perley Sands by the Pacific Highway Association.
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                    And it was with Studebaker trucks that the AL-CAN hiway was built.
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                      In August of 1968 myself and a buddy decided almost on a whim that we would take a fishing trip from Seattle up to BC. So off we went and drove straight through to Terrace, BC which is a bit beyond Hazelton on the same road and it took 23 hours to get there. Yes, we found some fishing but the real prize was the adventure and the fabulous scenery.



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                        Hi Everyone,

                        The medallion has recently been purchased by the Bulkley Valley Museum in Smithers,BC. and will eventually be displayed in Hazelton.



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                          I've read this story somewhere, thought it was in TW but couldn't find it. Here is a pdf of a booklet produced by Studebaker about the trip with photos.


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                            I did post a 1912 Flanders 20 here: