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`41 studebaker champion coupe !!!

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  • `41 studebaker champion coupe !!!

    Thought I'd post this to get any ideas out there... Even car guys say they haven't ever seen this car before... It was kind of a barn find.. I did things backwards, but that's just the way it worked out.. The body was ground all the way down to the steel... I wanted it stand out, so had it painted bright Corvette Yellow with White between the two stainless strips that run along side the body... Then I had SUPERIOR INTERIORS do the complete vinyl interior, including front & back seats, door panels, headliner, and carpet in a sort of buckskin color scheme... Had all New Glass cut and installed with a new gasket set... Put new tires on including the spare... So I'm down to engine.. I can't find one so far.. I have half an engine... It has a score on the crank, where a piston is missing, so someone had started the process of rebuilding... The pan is missing along with the piston, so I have basically the block and head, but they're rusted....... ~ Does anybody know what year engine will fit in this thing, beside the `41 ?.... * Is there a Studebaker fan out there that has an engine sitting in their garage, and would like to complete this `41 ??... I'm throwing this out there to you guys before I go further.. My friends told me to try to keep it all Studebaker, and not drop a SBC in it... With the original purchase,, body work,, paint,, glass/gaskets,, tires,, I've spent about 15K on it.... I don't expect to get all that back without it running, but I know this is an Extremely Rare car, and will be worth a ton when it's done... If you've got the means and method to take this the rest of the way, please email me at ... ........... Thank You ! Barry

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    If it was still the original patina green i would have paid $$,$$$ for it . . . . . . o, well .


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      i'm pretty sure it has the same engine as mine - 164ci flathead six. should be plenty of them around - check out the vendors page,
      some newer sixes should also fit without much of a problem. some engine/trans guys more familiar with swaps will probably post soon...
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        How about a picture of it?
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          The Champion flathead, introduced in 1939 as a 164.3 cid, was pretty much unchanged through 1960. Other displacements were 169.6 and 185. Lots of them produced and lots of them out there to be had cheap. Performance upgrades are also available.

          you're that close to completion and throwing in the towel?
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            Hey !... Ya know what ?.. I confused it with another one of my cars... It's still Patina Green !


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              Thank you !!


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                Wow ! Thank You for the info ! I haven't thrown it in yet !


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                  I'll get a pic ! .... Didn't know I would get this response.


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                    I just read another post/topic on this Forum where someone is doing a V8 change and has a six to get rid of. Someone else can post a link or you can search for it (yesterday/today).
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