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Derelict 31 President along Rte 66

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  • Derelict 31 President along Rte 66

    My son saw this somewhere between the painted desert and the petrified forest. Not for sale as far as he could tell.
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    An amazing sighting! Where is Rex Miltenberger when we need him? BP
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      I heard that years ago when people would abandon their cars along the road like that, people would just take them home. Now I'm not suggesting this here of course, but it would be tempting.


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        I have posted a picture of that car on the Forum before. International Meet person was soliciting some Rte. 66 photos.

        In examining the car in person, I suspect some (historical?) organization placed the car there on purpose. RE-EDIT: Notice in photo I took in 2006 the "professional" concrete piers, and raised, groomed dirt area. Also in your photo, a constructed parking area. Seems there were a couple more "abandonded cars areas" in the area when we were there five years ago.

        EDIT: Kinda looks like me in that third photo from your post. Weird.
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          I believe it is a Commander. Still has some usable parts. What is under the hood?
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            Yes, he thought it was something put there to attract tourists. He didn't remember the exact details but said there was some other display there also.


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              The engine is in it. A straight eight. He took these engine pictures through the hole in the radiator shell.
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                i remember in the late 70's/ early 80's, the road from kingman, az to oatman, az (original rt. 66), were strewn with old vehicles left on the sides of the road. wonder if they're still there? thought at the time that it would be cool to pick up the "litter", truck it to the northeast, and profit from selling rust-free items...
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