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Avanti mention at family reunion

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  • Avanti mention at family reunion

    Went to a family reunion today (90+ degrees.....where else would we be) & mentioned to one of my cousins that I was working on a 55 studebaker. Another relative, from Texas, overheard me & said "Studebakers? I had a Studebaker once...cost me my job." He went on to tell us he was working at a Chevrolet dealership in '64 & thought the new Stude sports car looked cool. He asked for a day off & went & bought a new 64 Avanti.

    He drove it to work the next day & parked in the back. His boss asked him what he did on his day off & he replied "oh just some personal business." The boss pressed harder & he finally admitted that he bought a new car. The boss thought that since he didn't get the car thru their dealership, he must have bought a Ford. "Heavens no, never a ford, but it's a Studebaker!" was the comeback. The boss saw no humor in it & told him that if he couldn't support the local brand, he could find a job somewhere else. He told me that he never regretted the purchase & had lots of fun with that 4 speed Avanti. Things got busy & I never got the chance to ask him any more questions about the car or where the dealership was in Texas that he bought the car.
    Mike Sal

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    Cool beans, Mike. That has to be a first, a Chevrolet dealer riding high in the mid 1960s, feeling threatened by a 1964 Studebaker of any kind. 'Helluva story! BP
    We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

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      Where in Texas did did he buy it? I worked for 2. One in Baytown and one in Pasadena TX. Bought parts from Mosehart & Keller in Hoston. Once boughy a 2 four manifold for $25 and a standard bellhousing for $18.


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        I worked at a Ford dealership service dept. in 1966. The service mgr drove a Dodge,Chief mech. Drove a Merc. #2 mech drove a 57 Chevy. The 17 year old grease monkey(me) drove a Studebaker. Talk about brand loyalty?
        Neil Thornton