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You never know how much you have, until you move..

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  • You never know how much you have, until you move..

    As I think I've mentioned, I'm moving to Fayetteville, GA which is a suburb on the south side of Atlanta. About 180 miles north of where I am now. I took a break from polishing and spent the afternoon loading up JUST my stainless trim inventory for the first leg of the move this weekend. I knew I had a lot of stainless, but didn't think I'd have to make one haul for JUST the trim..!

    The worst part is that it'll take a full day just to sort and organize it once I get there.

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    You never know how much you have, until you move..

    Matthew, yes, that's really a lot of trim. However, trim is light and relatively small. Most of we old CASOs are forever rooted where we are by all the arn we've gathered over the years. Moving all the cars, parts and tools isn't even within the realm of possibility. It's not worth enough to pay a commercial mover's rates, but way, way-far beyond the abilities of any individual.

    jack vines


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      Boy, Matthew, I sure do hope you don't pass by any Stude owners. Something from that open pickup bed might disappear.

      You're gonna sort it????? Like in being organized? Why? That'll ruin all the fun of looking for that one piece you need.


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        Hey Matt, Have a safe and easy move. I know that's easier said than done, but it's never-the-less sincere.
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          I have about that much I was hoping to sell to you
          Mono mind in a stereo world


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            I moved 8 months ago, so I know the feeling well

            I had my 55 coupe to drive over-- a 54 coupe body to tow over after my son in law and I took the body off its original but rotten frame and put it on a reasonably nice GT frame
            then it was two truck loads of 54 body parts with extras and another truck load of small parts for assorted C-Ks
            then my Hyundai full of more parts, some of which are still in the trunk
            And a rather impressive sized pile that I just junked

            the 55 is still loaded with garage stuff
            one cellar room is full of small parts--another is full of 54 coupe body parts
            the titleless 54 and the 55 share the garage at least until I can figure out if I even have enough energy, money and life left to finish the 54 at all


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              At least you are young. When I was your age, I moved several times. At that time, I owned a 53 Chevy hot rod pick up and a '63 Falcon Sprint. My old military duffel bags could hold just about all my other worldly possessions.

              However, after this old veteran got married, finished college, had a kid, bought his first Studebaker, and built a house...the accumulating began.

              When I go, they are going to have to develop a whole new landfill to get rid of all this junk!

              Good luck with your move!
              John Clary
              Greer, SC

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                Yes, this is exactly why I told my wife the next time she feels the need to move she can leave me behind planted in the flower bed! (or maybe just left in my pickup bed)

                I hate even the thought of moving.

                PS: Hope it all works out for you.
                Mark Hayden
                '66 Commander
                Zone Coordinator
                Pacific Can-Am Zone


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                  I, too, remember when everything fit in to one foot locker. Next move, everything fit in to one '63 Dodge Coronet.
                  All my "stuff" is now planted here, until I get planted there.
                  "All attempts to 'rise above the issue' are simply an excuse to avoid it profitably." --Dick Gregory

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                    My way of living is to move every ten years, After a couple moves, you have the cure of materialism and collectiing so much stuff.
                    I have never owned "parts" it's a lot more fun to hunt and meet people while looking for whatever I need.
                    I just saw a family disopose of over 100 cars "Left " to them, your old "stuff" should not become someone else's burden or responsibility.
                    Many people hoard car parts and never do much with them or sell to those in need. If you have a lot of parts, make them availble to those in need of them, You will make new friends.

                    Husband of Lark VIII girl


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                      In 1962 my wife and I were making a move to NW Indiana from Fort Wayne for a job opportunity. We didn't have much "stuff" or money and it would have been tough to rent a truck. Two family members came from Merrillville and we loaded our possessions and headed across the state on US 30 on a sunny Sunday. There was a VW Type 2 single cab Transporter, a Rambler station wagon w/roof rack, and our '60 VW Beetle with a mattress lashed to the roof which was bigger than the car. Our earthly belongings were stashed everywhere and probably not very well. We sort of resembled a procession from "The Leaves of Grass" as we headed NW except Henry Fonda was not present. About half way there it started to rain. We wheeled in to a gas station out in the country and since it was Sunday and slow with nothing happening the operator let us park in the service bays until it quit raining. The move was completed successfully and we were thankful.
                      "Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional." author unknown


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                        I recently had a very good offer for my place. House is 7 yrs. old, 10 acres, 30x44 garage, 30x30 barn- and grandfathered junkyard license. The money was good enough that I thought I might sell it and build a new, top-notch man cave on some other property I own. I have cooled on the idea, though, but not because the move would be hard; PODs would simplify that. The sticking point is not enough space on the other property for all my parts cars- at least not out of sight like here. That, and this is where I grew up; bought it after Dad died and Mom sold out. It's sought after because of that license, which they are not allowing anymore around here. Hard to decide whether to cash out and crush a bunch of stuff, or keep it and have everything like I want it.

                        Right now I'm leaning toward staying. I suppose showing me (or my lawyer) the money might nudge me the other way.

                        So I agree with the others, the older you get, the more complicated a move can be. Have fun with your new adventure!
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                          Hi Matthew
                          Let me know when your moved in i will drive down


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                            I moved into this place 2&1/2 years ago & still dont have it all here! Although most of my stuff is here now, I still have some of the bigger things at the old place & no garage here! Yuck!! I'll never move again! Matt, I hope you had a tarp over those mouldings- I'd be so afraid of them blowing out.
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                              After you get older and have lived in one place longer, then talk to me about moving.
                              We moved from our last home after living there for 27 years. The previous house had a full basement and four car garage (all full). We moved into a house with no basement and a two car garage.
                              Gary L.
                              Wappinger, NY

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