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Joplin, MO tornado

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  • Joplin, MO tornado

    Are there any SDC' folks hurt in the tornado? I hear Jim Caldwell is ok.

    Denny L

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    I know life is precious and objects can be replaced but tingles ran down my spine thinking what if, say one month from now and this happened in Springfield, Ill with several hundred of the finest examples of the Studebakers on display.


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      It is scary and so close to Springfield. Good news is Tornado season slows down in June. According to the relatives that live close by there.
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        My understanding is Jim and his house are OK. His son's house was a total loss but he and his family were not hurt. Jim may be with out power and can update later.
        I have not heard of any other Ozark Trails people with damage and I ahve not heard of any one with injuries. The news out of Joplin changes every few hours so it is hard to get good info now.
        We are all hoping the rain and tonados will be exausted by June for the Meet. We have had several rain events of 10" or better this spring.
        Gary Sanders
        Nixa, MO