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Damp Studebaker day (no pix for once!)

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  • Damp Studebaker day (no pix for once!)

    Hi all--

    Sorry, haven't been on here much lately, busy with school now. Monthly Hamilton Chapter meeting was today at the aviation museum at Hamilton Munro Airport. Being nuts, I actually drove out in the Lark! No one else was crazy enough to bring out a Stude in today's wretched weather. It's supposed to stay like this all week; chapter past-prez Barry Leppan's cruise in Burlington is bumping its Stude Night feature up a week to Wednesday May 25 because rain is all but a certainty on the 18th (and every other day this week!).

    Oh well. We're far better off here than other regions in North America, despite this having been a mere excuse for a spring season so far. I feel for the folks in the Mississippi and Red River valleys...a few cancelled car shows are nothing compared to a submerged town...


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    You were just arriving as I was leaving Steve,I had to be elswhere & dropped of my donation to the fund raiser event.My car is layed up but as soon as the wife gives me a bit of time I will have it on the road again,looking forward to seeing you at the cruises this summer.Maybe if we mount pontoons on our cars we will be able to cruise,I can't remember such a wet spring.