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Great Southern Antique Auto Rally.

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  • Great Southern Antique Auto Rally.

    Woke up to cloudy skies and alittle drizzle this morning. Made coffee so the aroma would get the wife out of bed. Woke up the sleeping grandson, fed the horse and dogs and headed west into the oncoming storm toward Cairo Ga.

    Dark angry looking clouds and serious lightning lay before us but the trusty Hawk continued on. 2 hours into our 3 hour trip we began to see patches of blue sky. When we reached Cairo(pronounced KAY-ROW) the sun was shining and the parking lot was filling up with cars. Beautiful cars! We spotted Loren Hendly's red GT and parked next to it. Soon joined by Randolph Brock with his 64 Daytona Wagonaire. Wayne Hadden's 47 M series was there but parked some where else. Wayne Lee had brought the former "hostage" Avanti down from Fayetteville and delivered it to the new owner from Tallassee.

    Grandson Josh was infatuated with a beautiful General Lee 69 Charger and a VW "hippie" Van with a pop top. All sorts of cars from a 1911 Buick to a new corvette. We saw lots of old friends, had a great meal, a quick meeting Then adjorned to the Cairo Antique Auto Museam. Several Studebakers from the 20's and 30's, Miss Daisy's Cadillac, and a host of interesting cars and trucks on display. New this year was the Fire house exibit. A 1930 Studebaker fire truck along with several others of various vintage.

    After a fun filled day we headed home. We found the rain about where we left it, only it had gotten MUCH stronger!! We fought the storm all the way home. Sometimes could hardly see the fender lights but the old Hawk did us proud and got us home safely. I hope every one got home OK as well.
    Neil Thornton

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    Sounds like a great day all around, Neil!

    I love the fact that your kids and grandkids enjoy the hobby with you.

    I raised three boys, and not one of them care a hoot about old cars.

    Neither did my dad... he always wondered what was wrong with me, just as I don't understand how the kids I raised don't understand my love of old cars.

    God help anyone that ever understands me, 'cause they will need all the help they can get! <G>
    Dave Lester