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New to forum! Have lots of Studebaker parts I want to ID and sell. Help?

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  • New to forum! Have lots of Studebaker parts I want to ID and sell. Help?

    Not sure if this forum is the right place for my intentions. If it is out of place, I apologize and will move to the proper venue as instructed. Since I live in South Bend, am retired, and am a pro-active buyer of vintage car parts, I often come in contact with Studebaker parts. My primary interest, background, and expertise is early V-8 Fords. Just recently I bought a huge amount of Studebaker small parts and I think most of it is NOS. I have switches, handles, sensors, electrical parts, lots of smalls...and none of is in boxes or marked. It all came in metal drawers that came out of the Studebaker plant many years ago. (the parts and the drawers most likely left the plant at different times!) Of course I want to sell any and all of it but I am not sure of how to start with identifying it all. Any help where to start would be greatly appreciated. I can e-mail pictures as needed. Thanks in advance for any help.

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      Or, get the private messages the right way, by clicking "Notifications" at the RIGHT Top of the webpage.

      You will require some Shop Manual & Parts Catalog CDs or Studebaker Chassis and Body Parts Catalogs from '47-'52, '53-'58, and '59-'64 to identify the parts, and without Part Number Tags, it will be very tough to do.

      It will be too difficult to sell individual parts, you will have to just sell off the pile for less, and let a Studebaker knowledgeable person in the Indiana area, do the hard work.
      Good luck, been there, done that!
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        Summer of 2012 is the big Studebaker national meet in South Bend if you are interested in being a vendor there.
        In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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          Corndog, boy are you in the right city for finding help ID-ing parts. You can load them up and take them to a few people there for help. Studebaker International on Cherokee may be a start. Good luck.


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            WELCOME the SDC Forum ...neighbor!!!

            I'm here in South Bend too. Just curious ...did these Studebaker parts come from the "Varga Estate" auction two weeks ago?