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55 with a 57 Nose

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  • 55 with a 57 Nose

    I like this!

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    Wow. Color me very surprised.
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      Another guy that knows Studebakers better than the owner. read the questions. lol
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        Maybe he's just not paying attention...
        The only difference between death and taxes is that death does not grow worse every time Congress convenes. - Will Rogers


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          A good listing. (Note the TW article penned by Tom Noller).
          A nice car, with a lot of work done to it.
          A Stude that is out there, instead of in parts, or in the junkyard or crusher.
          And anyone that buys it (well almost anyone) could give a hoot about the year being off by one.
          Hey, I bought an Avanti convertible that was off (on the title) by one year.
          But I bought it anyways.
          It didn't hurt me a bit, and I didn't catch any Studeplague.
          I feel for the seller here
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            I thought when I saw this ad that the seller had made a typo or was not Studebaker aware. Now that I have read the ad the whole thing makes sense. With the new parts and attention the car has had it could be a fun ride. I like the 55 dash way better than the one that front sheet metal came with. If it was in my neighborhood I wouldn't pass it up.
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              I'm a real fan of the 56 and 57 cars, especially the front end, and really don't admire what Studebaker did to the 55 sedans front end. Coupes yes, sedans no. Other than that, I really prefer the dash of the 55 (and 53-54) to the odd cyclops speedo dash of the 56-7-8, and the 55 interior door panels are nice too. I have to say I really really really like this car! And its a 185 six with overdrive too (Its a 6 cylinder flathead thing, you wouldn't understand) Wish I was out in Washington in a few days time cash in hand.

              Better yet, I like what he did to end up with this car. The upgrades and all the work done all make this a really nice car, and the best of all worlds driver, even if it is less than fully authentic. Who cares! That shows the real SDC spirit.


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                I'm not too sure how I missed Tom's article in TW-
                but there it is in back and white- the story behind the car for all to see!!!

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                  Guys, I'm humbled by your admiration for this car! I've had it about six years and ready for a little more room in the garage.
                  A fellow from Oregon is coming up on Monday to look and drive it...and if it doesn't make reserve, he'll take it. He hasn't seen it yet! :-)

                  It's been fun to drive and every time I take it to work, people love to ask a million questions.


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                    What a nice car! I'd love it, personally. A while back someone mentioned to me that the front end from late '55 on will bolt onto my '60 Lark, and I did give thought to finding a '57-58 front end, just to be different.
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                      Ah, this is the same car that showed up in TW a while back. Thought it might be, from the details in the subject line. Good to hear it's still on the go, and clearly much-appreciated! Not many other makes permit the mix-n-match that can go on with postwar Studebakers, that's for sure. And I really like this one...Studes keep people guessing at cruise-ins anyway, but this one all the more so. (Besides which, it's even blue...)

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