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TOM ELLIOTT - A Reflection.

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  • TOM ELLIOTT - A Reflection.

    I know I only knew Tom a very-very short while, and some may think I couldn't know him at all.
    However, The words Tom spoke at the S E Zone meet banquet, opened him up so all could see.
    I was touched very deeply by what Tom said, and the attitude he had. As I said earlier in a post,
    I had only met Tom at the SE Zone meet. There are others of you I have met, and consider friends.
    I hope to see some of you again and enjoy you company as much as I did at Tifton. I was looking
    to going over to Tom's and seeing his collection, and having more of the same good conversation
    we had at Tifton. It was my loss not to have met him earlier. We never know who we are talking
    to for the last time. I wish I could have gone to Tom's services, but a tornado prevented that. Tom
    is etched in my mind. I won't forget him. GOOD BYE, for now.

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    I have known Tom for about 25 years, and yes Flashback, you are right. You missed a lot by not knowing him longer. He will be missed. NT
    Neil Thornton


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      Tex, you may not have known him very long, but you knew him.

      Thank you for this post.


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        Amen, to what Tex has so eloquently posted.
        Joe Roberts
        '61 R1 Champ
        '65 Cruiser
        Eastern North Carolina Chapter