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1950 Striker Plates

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  • 1950 Striker Plates

    Once again I need a little advice (Won't be the last time I guess).

    I found my striker plates painted. All 4 of them. Like this:

    Now when I started to clean the up a pair of gems appeared from under the paint. Beautifully polished, including the screw heads.

    Since I would like to restore the car to a more or less original state I wonder: Was Studebaker, back in September of 1949 crazy enough to polish the strikerplates and the screwhead and thereafter hide their work behind a layer of paint?

    Do I paint them with the body or should I leave them shining?
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    I noticed the same with my '54's. They looked so good I decided to clear coat them and leave them unpainted. Eager to hear responses from other forum members.


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      They were painted from the factory.


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        Thanks for the info Roy,

        Now I have the dilemma. Do I hide these beauties under paint or do I show the incredible craftsmanship and quality of the Studebaker factory. I found the hinges have polished screws too.

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          I have new screws that will make it look great! I painted the latches on my 52, used the stainless screws!

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            You can spray them with clear paint.


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              Whats the finish that leaves them looking amber/brassy? That would be good. Otherwise, I would clearcoat them, to heck with being bone stock.
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                Originally posted by Lothar View Post
                Whats the finish that leaves them looking amber/brassy? ...

                At the moment there is no finish. The yellow glow is from the lamp above my table, the camera would normally compensate for this but since I used the flash also it takes the white balance bias for flash.

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