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    Originally posted by Sdude View Post
    Maybe it was ordered new by Santa Claus...
    No, and I know that you are kidding. The original owner, that I purchased it from, was a secretary at IBM as well as a family friend. I purchased it in conversation at a dinner at the Elk's Club.
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      Ok back on the subject lol my cars body identification numbers are 64V J8 1297 under the hood and the serial number on the drivers side door jam is 64VI4646 and engine numbers are as follows large casting on the passenger side is 1554641 and the left is PK325 i havent jacked the car up to check the transmission but im sure it is a powershift 3 speed with a floor shifter and the Carburetor id number is 3726S if any one can help me better identify the components that would be awesome also it has bothe a prestolite alternator and distributor with single points. im checking the rear end but im sure its a dana 44 twin traction rear end with a 3.31 ratio.
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        The PK325 would indicate that the engine is a 289, built on October 25, 1963.
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          Originally posted by blk87chvy View Post
          /Cut/I am checking the rear end, but I am sure its a dana 44 twin traction rear end with a 3.31 ratio.
          Ok, if that is true, to get the Engine revving as high as you seem to indicate, you would have to have it in Second Gear (2) unless the trans. does not shift to High when in "D".

          Your information indicates it is a year model '64 289 engine with optional stock Carter AFB 4 Barrel. Ordered this way, this was a pretty HOT car for it's time. Does it also have Dual Exhausts?

          The Distributor and Alternator are stock, I have Solid State Voltage Regulators that LOOK like the original mechanical points type, you probably have, in stock for sale.

          When you order the Production order for this Car from the Studebaker National Museum, I think you will find it is as ordered, all stock, nothing weird about it, except possibly special ordered by the original owner.
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