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  • Looking for 50 Stude

    i am interested in a 50studebaker in very very good shape i do not know what they are worth!! have fords-cheveys vintage. thanks,dean linder 405-331-9805

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    1950 Studebakers were wonderful cars. For shear maintenance and parts availability 1951 would be a better choice.
    Any particular reason for 1950?
    Brad Johnson,
    SDC since 1975, ASC since 1990
    Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
    '33 Rockne 10, '51 Commander Starlight. '53 Commander Starlight
    '56 Sky Hawk in process


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      I like both 1950 and 1951.


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        Hello - I have two 1950 Studebakers for sale - one thw 1950 Champion is in truly amazing condition with a very high quality exterior - the other a Land Cruiser is a Very Straight solid car with an average quality exterior finish but it has the most amazing interior restoration I have ever seen (recepts for near $10k for interior alone) - please go to - thanks Nigel


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          I saw both cars. The Champion is a truly beautiful car. But you have it listed as a coupe. It is really a 2-door sedan.

          There were only 2 coupe models that year--the Starlight coupe (with the 4-piece wrap-around rear window) and the business coupe, called the "Deluxe coupe for three passengers" in the brochure, with only a front seat. I'm sure you're has a rear seat, so it's a sedan.

          And the Land Cruiser, as you described, seems to be a very good restoration, tho Land Cruisers had a clock as standard equipment and being the most expensive sedan, would probably have had the 7 button radio as in this picture from the brochure.

          Click image for larger version

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          But that is only nit-picking. Truly a beautiful car.

          Good luck in the sale.

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            I have my 1950 Champion for sale on Ebay and through Craigslist as well.

            It is mechanically rebuilt and very good body and interior. In the auction ad I have detailed what I feel are the shortcomings of the car so that no one is surprised or uninformed. This is a very nice driver. I recently purchased a 1951 and thus the reason for the sale. While I can afford a stable of cars, it just doesn't make too much sense. I am looking to get $5500 for the car. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call.