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  • Looking for 50 Stude

    i am interested in a 50studebaker in very very good shape i do not know what they are worth!! have fords-cheveys vintage. thanks,dean linder 405-331-9805

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    1950 Studebakers were wonderful cars. For shear maintenance and parts availability 1951 would be a better choice.
    Any particular reason for 1950?
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      I like both 1950 and 1951.


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        Hello - I have two 1950 Studebakers for sale - one thw 1950 Champion is in truly amazing condition with a very high quality exterior - the other a Land Cruiser is a Very Straight solid car with an average quality exterior finish but it has the most amazing interior restoration I have ever seen (recepts for near $10k for interior alone) - please go to - thanks Nigel


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          I saw both cars. The Champion is a truly beautiful car. But you have it listed as a coupe. It is really a 2-door sedan.

          There were only 2 coupe models that year--the Starlight coupe (with the 4-piece wrap-around rear window) and the business coupe, called the "Deluxe coupe for three passengers" in the brochure, with only a front seat. I'm sure you're has a rear seat, so it's a sedan.

          And the Land Cruiser, as you described, seems to be a very good restoration, tho Land Cruisers had a clock as standard equipment and being the most expensive sedan, would probably have had the 7 button radio as in this picture from the brochure.

          Click image for larger version

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          But that is only nit-picking. Truly a beautiful car.

          Good luck in the sale.

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            I have my 1950 Champion for sale on Ebay and through Craigslist as well.

            It is mechanically rebuilt and very good body and interior. In the auction ad I have detailed what I feel are the shortcomings of the car so that no one is surprised or uninformed. This is a very nice driver. I recently purchased a 1951 and thus the reason for the sale. While I can afford a stable of cars, it just doesn't make too much sense. I am looking to get $5500 for the car. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call.