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Help on a part number for 60 lark convertible?

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  • Help on a part number for 60 lark convertible?

    my mechanic still has my shop manual and chassis parts catalog so I do not have access to it at the moment.

    Getting ready for a new top.
    I am looking for the part number for a rubber seal on the top of the convertible frame.
    (see photo).
    Jim from SI only has #1339015 which is for a 61-62, and he says part for the 60 is not available, but has a different part number.
    Does anyone know the difference?

    The second one that is contoured (closest to latch), not the front one under the chrome piece (which I already have).

    Don't laugh at the latch hook (bolt), not my doing, and I will be getting a new one.
    thanks in advance for any help.
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    The part number for the 60 conv weatherstrip is 1336989. I'm afraid I don't know what makes the 60s different.

    BTW, I think I have a couple of those top latches NOS.
    Skip Lackie


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      thanks Skip! (pm sent)

      google search got me nowhere. I can't believe no one makes this, when they have all the rest for the entire body.
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        Windshields changed between 60 and 61.
        (read it backwards)

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          You could try Steele Rubber Products you might find a Brand X part that will work. They are online and also have a catalog available.


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            ok, thanks.
            I am thinking I will have to look at the cross section, and just find something close. I was thinking of just leaving it on the car since it's not real bad, but taking it off would sure make sanding and painting the frame easier! I just wanted to see if it's available before ripping it off pre-maturely! Then I would be sad.


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              IF yours is in one piece, ask SI if they would like it for a pattern. I sent the one from my 52 to Bill McDowell @ Packard Farms, (before SI bought it) and he used it as a pattern.

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                Eric, your seal is not that bad and I would slowly peal it out from underneath to save it if you are sanding and painting the top frame. Those seals are not available and believe me, I've looked everywhere for years. I was happy just to find a used top frame with a good used seal, though the frame was rusted out. The two molded pieces that go over the latches are unique and I haven't found anything that looked close. The long piece in the middle is similar to the cowl seal, if not the same shape. You may want to just replace that center piece for a better water seal.

                Good luck with your new top. I've seen your top frame in person in L.A., it's the original White Sand color and in pretty solid shape and straight. It would look good painted the same color while you have the old top off.


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                  If you decide to remove your old one, be aware that 3M makes a "release agent" in a spray can that can be used to soften old adhesive without damaging paint. It doesn't work real well on adhesive that has hardened for many years, but might help to keep you from damaging the weatherstrip.
                  Skip Lackie


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                    Header Seal

                    I just checked my parts book & saw that the 60 Header panel is all by itself. the 61-64 headers are all the same but unfortunatly the 60 that we have is all by itself. I would take a heat gun & reuse the one you have pictured. Either that or make sure you drive on sunny days <G>
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                      thanks Skip/Warren - sounds like a potential plan. I never thought I would be able to re-use it if I took it off.

                      @Dave: also good advice, thanks. I was going to PM you, since I figured you would have looked for this for your pretty little red ragtop. Once I have the new top put on, and re-plated chrome on, I plan to do a large "update" post. It's long overdue now that my bank account is empty! If you're going to be at the International Meet in Springfield, you will have to find me!