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  • Headliner question and other things

    I have been looking at Christine (used to be Matthew's 58) and putting a list together to try and get it ready for Gettysburg. It really needs a headliner. The factory insulation stuff on the roof has all fallen on the headliner and the cloth is pretty thin. I see that SI offers cloth or vinyl headliners. I will probably order one from JP. Now, a couple of questions. What color? Cloth or vinyl? I think it used to be white, but it could be tan. The wind lace looks like it is off white. The outside color is copper and beige, as is the dash. The seats are tan and white and the interior garnish moldings are beige. Opinions are appreciated.
    We have decided to clean up the outside of the car foe the time being. The worst paint on the car is on the front clip, but I can live with it for a while. We will get the interior fixed up some, hopefully install some A/C, and drive and enjoy the car.
    I also need to replace the drivers side rocker panel. It surprises me that an almost rust free car has one rotten rocker like this on has. Are these rocker panels spot welded from the back side? I need to do my Lark also, but we want to get the 58 ready. I think it will make a better road car.

    I gave James (my son) the first new part for the car. I came in yesterday with the old horn button in my hand. I handed him a new one and you would have thought I handed him a million dollars. He is one excited young boy!!

    I would like a picture of the headliner of a 56-58 sedan, especially around the rear window. Thanks.
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