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Great Day for Studebakers!

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  • Great Day for Studebakers!

    Today our Land Speed Racing Club, The Gold Coast Roadsters, hosted the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame event. One of thepeople who was in attendance was none other than Paula Murhpy. Yes, the Paula Murphy. She is a member of the hall of fame and it was so good to see her again. Now to make the other Studebaker guys and gals a little jealous. I was able to get Paula to sign the underside of the hood of my Bonneville Avanti. She signed it right next to her sons signature that I got last year. If you are not up to speed on Paula she drove the famous #9 Avanti to over 160 mph at Bonneville. She drove drag racing cars and she drove at Indy. She could drive anything and she was good. This was special for me as she is one of my childhood Studebaker related hero's. Here's a picture my wife took as Paula was signing the hood.

    Now if only Andy had been there too. He was unable to make it this year. Oh, I also got Ed Iskendarian to sign the hood.

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    Congrats Dan. That alone added about 10 horsepower.

    What Stude engine will you be running this year?


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      If all goes as planned we will be using a well built "259" to stay within the "E" class which is 260.99 cid maximum. Plans call for a 6.71 blower and enderle injection. 12 to 1 compression and 30% nitro methane. On paper about 220 mph. We hope to make it to 210. That's the plan anyway. Lot's of very talented people will be involved in the effort this year if everyone can stay on board. The economy is playing havoc with things right now. But we are optomistic. You planning on coming out to Bonneville in August? Dan


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        It would be great if I could make it out, and it could happen, who knows. I plan on being out there no later than 2013 as a friend is building a Hawk to run. If I'm able to pull it off this year I might just have to go..


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          Way cool! Paula has the goods!
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