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Wife said I can buy another Stude, but....

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  • Wife said I can buy another Stude, but....

    Wife said I can buy another Stude, but she says I need to sell or trade one of my other toys first.

    I am also into aircooled VWs, but I find myself gravitating more and more towards Studebakers. I have a really nice '66 Beetle that I will probably sell but I need to make a few minor repairs and do some detailing on it. I think I will be ready to make the move sometime this summer. I am in no hurry and I can afford to take the time and get what I want for the right price.

    I will not be looking for a project car as I have enough to keep me busy on the Lark, as well as a 56 VW pickup & 66 bus that will need my attention. I like survivor cars and the more original the better for me. I am looking for a nice driver, basically (maybe a #2 or 3 car). Good enough to take to local shows but not so perfect that I am afraid to enjoy it.

    My wish list:
    I have always wanted a '50 or '51 bulletnose Champion and that would be my prime focus. I also like 53 or 54 models as well as many Hawks. Prefer 3 spd w/ overdrive. I also like wagons & pickups. Absolutely must be Studebaker powered. Can be either 6 or 8 cyl.

    I will not be pulling the trigger on this immediately but if you have something interesting send me some info. No urgency. If nothing grabs me then it is not something that I have to have or die.

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    Well.....Let's see some pictures of your VW's! I would have a real hard time saying "No" to a '65 Beetle. Always loved the 67 and older Bus/Pickup. Wish I still had my 65 Bug.
    Packard Hawk


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      Paul, your wife sounds a lot like mine. When I introduce her to somebody I tell them she is the "fun prevention manager" in our family.


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        Gotta love those steel dash and all chrome bumper VWs. Took my driver's license test in a VW bus in '72. If you had a '59 bus I'd help with your own fun prevention manager's request to make some room for a Stude. I saw a '59 split window bus in primer in Pasadena the day before the Rose Parade two years ago. Very cool style, the old ones. Good luck on your Studebaker powered quest. Good decision.


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          I will have to set up a free photo account and post a few pics.

          At Doug: Yeah, she counts my beers as well. I've called her "Frau Prohibition" at times. I don't mind selling a car or two. The VWs are light so I can always park them in the haymow of the barn over winter. It is dusty but is not damp since it is parked on the second floor on wood flooring with good air circulation.


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            I feel your pain. By the way the photo under your name, "Tahiti Coral" looks exactly like my '59 Lark VI Hardtop. Same color. I've owned it for 20 years.
            I too am looking for another Stude, preferably a StarLight Coupe from '47 thru '52. I'd also like to own a '40 coupe or sedan. My very first car was a '40 business coupe.
            '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
            Recording Secretary, Long Island Studebaker Club