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Any SB vendors interested in a consignment deal?

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  • Any SB vendors interested in a consignment deal?

    I haven't gotten any bites on my posting trying to sell the gas tank out of my 56 Power Hawk. Is there a vendor out there who is going to South Bend that would like to try and sell it for me...we can work out a deal to make it worth your time. I'm not really interested in making a ton of money. I really just would like to see it get to someone who can use it.

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    I have seen guys with a sign on there front and back walking around the swap meet with stuff for sale or stuff wanted. That way you can keep it in your vehicle until you get a buyer.


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      Would your gas tank fit my'58 Packard Hardtop? What condition is it in? Price? Location? Thank you. Bob Fish


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        Bob, I don't know the answer to your first question, but I'm sure someone else here does. It is rusty inside and leaked a little, but it should be able to be restored. I was asking $50 obo. It is located in LaPorte, IN...about 30 miles west of South Bend.
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