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    I am posting this to introduce myself to the group. I live and collect in upstate, NY near Syracuse. My father was an avid Studebaker sport driver and his passion has apparently trickled down to me. There are plenty of stories from his racing days I can go into later, but for now I'll just focus on my current status.
    I currently own a 1958 Packard Hawk that desperately needs a resto. I'm not sure how you all feel about those cars, but I thought I'd mention it because it seems like more Studebaker than Packard anyways. My other car that actually IS a Studebaker is a 1927 (unknown model). I keep this one inside the garage. My father made a deal with a relative in West Virginia to do a swap for a tractor. Before the deal was complete, my father was killed at Brewerton Speedway shortly after returning to the race circuit. I decided to complete the transaction for him. The story of the '27 is that the original owner had a towing service and needed a new tow truck. However, all the local dealerships had none available. He decided to buy a new Studebaker and "make" a tow truck. He cut the back roof off down to the top of the rear doors and moved the rear window section forward. It actually turned out pretty good. The steel beam installed in the rear floor is still there, so it does appear to have been used for that purpose. The hoist and all that has long since been removed. It did run when I backed it into the shop, but I haven't run it in several years.
    The first car I ever did bodywork on was a 1963 Avanti my uncle had (no longer). I spend endless hours sanding a bad paint job off that car. I didn't realize what a gem she was at the time but my dad sure had a twinkle in his eye every time he looked at her.

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    Welcome aboard! Now we have another Forum Member near Bob Andrews in Parish NY, above Syracuse. Cool beans. BP
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      Welcome! Sounds like some pretty sweet cars you got there; do you have any pictures?
      Dylan Wills
      Everett, Wa.

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        Remember Packard Hawks are very rare and well worth saving. This would be a good investment for you and a pleasure to drive & show.
        Good Roads
        Brian Woods
        1946 M Series (Shop Truck)


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          Welcome to the forum. Sounds like intresting cars and stories. My Dad had a Studebaker tow truck when I was a kid.
          Some pictures if you please.


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            Welcome aboard. The Packard Hawk is definitely worthy of respect and so is that 27. You'll find lots of help on this forum.
            Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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              Welcome! Please join the SDC from this site, if you are not already a member. I am sure that you will find it well worth the cost.

              Where is Bob A.? He lives north of you and was a racer. He recently (like this week) sold a 1963 Avanti to someone in your area. I thought perhaps that was who was posting.
              Gary L.
              Wappinger, NY

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                Wow, small world, Dennis! Yes, I knew your Dad and raced against him in an IMCA Modified, and was there the night he was killed. Terribly tragic and sad for sure; and certainly a shock, as it always is, and a real loss of a great guy. Only consolation is, he was having fun right to the end. For the Forum gang, Dean Hubbs was killed (IIRC) in 1997. I believe he was in the septic business, right Dennis? The track ran a special race for years for the IMCAs called the Dean Hubbs Memorial, and I believe they still do. RIP Dean.

                I did just send an Avanti to Hurleysville, right near you. Again, small world!

                Yes, we do love the Packard Hawks as much as Studebakers here. They're one of the premium cars of the marque, and very deserving of restoration. Hopefully you'll join the SDC and stick around here- and let us see pictures, no matter what the condition!

                I raced 20 seasons at Brewerton; it was my most successful track, and where I won my most races. But as you know, it can be harsh. That's why it was called the D-Shaped Dirt Demon...

                Really neat to have someone from my background also find the SDC. Welcome!
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                  I saw my first Packard Hawk over the weekend at our Aussie Nationals, a stunning car. Of course it's a Studebaker with upgraded trim and new nose, but it was a good attempt to keep the Packard name going.
                  John Clements
                  Christchurch, New Zealand


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                    Thanks Bob, yes he was a great man and an even better father. I often measure myself to him and always seem to fall short. The track not only hosts the Dean Hubbs memorial race every memorial day weekend, but they also dedicated the announcers booth as Dean Hubbs Tower. He also owned Hubbs Septic Svc. which I eventually took over upon my mother's retirement.
                    I do recognize the rarity of the Packard (#481 of 588), and some day hope to restore it. And to the others, I will try to get some pics up as soon as I figure out how.

                    Thanks, Dennis


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                      Welcome Dennis. You belong with us. Once you get comfortable with the features of the forum. Do a search on Packard Hawks. You will probably find more discussions than you have time to read. Most of it will be positive. Any disparaging comments will likely be a feeble attempt to cloak the envy of not having one.

                      And remember, like the old "tater chip commercials"...Studebakers are like tater can't have just one. Also, I know that running a business is rough on your "play-time," but find your local chapter of the SDC, attend some events, make some friends. I have a feeling you have a lot to offer and, in the process, much to gain.
                      John Clary
                      Greer, SC

                      SDC member since 1975


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                        Here's a thread right here! http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...8-Packard-Hawk

                        We're really glad to have you here. Welcome! You've got a great car there. It'll be great to follow along with you as you bring it back to life.

                        Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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                          Welcome Dennis! I for one love Packard Hawks! If you want, email the pictures to me and I will post them for you! I will PM my email so look at the top of the page for the PM notice.
                          Packard Hawk


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                            welcome (back)!!!

                            as i hope to purchase my next stude soon, i have two top 5 lists: my wish list, and ones i may be able to afford...

                            #1 on my wish list is a packard hawk!!!

                            please show some pics, and keep us up-to-date!
                            Kerry. SDC Member #A012596W. ENCSDC member.

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                            '40 Champion. sold 10/11. '63 Avanti R-1384. sold 12/10.


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                              As others have said welcome to the forum. Joining the SDC and your local SDC Chapter can really be helpful to any Studebaker owner. I thinkyou will find the SDC publication, Turning Wheels, worth the amount you pay for dues. Glad to have you with us.
                              Joe Roberts
                              '61 R1 Champ
                              '65 Cruiser
                              Eastern North Carolina Chapter