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    I have been collecting and restoring old Chrysler corporation cars for about 20years. On a recent trip to a salvage yard a friend owns I ran across a 52 Champion 2 dr ht that he had just brought back from Arizona. As I walked past the car something made me take a closer look. I was told all the pot metal trim was inside the car, all replated and wrapped in newspaper. The carb and 3 fuel pumps were in the back seat, the radio was on the floor etc. Well I took a gamble and brought it home. All of the chrome was indeed inside the car (what a relief) and after a little work it is up and running. I have been really impressed with the little rig and decided it is a keeper.

    As I have done a little research I have come to the conclusion that it may be a tad harder to find parts for, but what the heck I will give it a try. If any one out there knows where I can get a complete signal light switch, replacement rocker panels and the 2 small emblems that go on the roof (guess all the chrome wasnt there) I would appreciate your assistance.


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    Welcome the Studebaker Forum and the world of Studebaker lovers!
    Parts are not hard to find at all, and info abounds within the club.
    Please check out the link to Studebaker Vendors on this website, and we hope you like it enough to join the Studebaker Driver's Club and find a local chapter for even more Studebaker enjoyment.
    Think of the SDC as a big support group for the Studebaker sickness (which we hope will never be cured).
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      The gold "S" on the roof emblem is available from Studebaker International. The part # is 295582V The emblems themselves you will have to find at swap meets from other Studebaker vendors or possibly a Forum member. For rocker panels check on line at They have reproduction body panels and rockers for some models.
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        Welcome to the Forum
        You are going to love it here! There is a lot of support out there., you just need to ask.
        And wait untill the other 52 lovers see your post, the info will just start flowing in.
        You have only been on the Forum for 25 minutes and it has started.
        Good Luck with your project and enjoy the Studebaker Drivers Club.
        Good Roads
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          Welcome to the world of Studebakers!
          if you look at this other thread, http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...w-52-Starliner and it is virtually the same car with a 6 instead of a V8, then you do have the rare-ish, pretty "one year only" hardtop Starliner.
          If you aren't an Studebakers Drivers Club member yet, it is worth it JUST for the wonderful monthly magazine "Turning Wheels" You can join online, of course.

          For everything Studebaker, this is handy. Note the registry for 52 and 58 Hardtops, which also have support and advice--and maybe even sources for those hard to find parts!

          Most mechanical parts are quite easy to find, and we tend to keep our many wonderful Studebaker vendors busy and occupied, in finding new treats for our cars. You are lucky that you have all the pot metal and all redone--that can be a big item. I have seen the turn signal switches on Ebay, and vendors might have used ones in good condition, but your roof emblems might be a bit harder to find.
          The replacement rockers are easy enough, as there are several sources including here:

          Note that there is a design quirk in the shape of Studebaker rockers, and it is definitely worth getting the correctly shaped ones such as these for a proper fit.
          If you haven't got the manuals yet, they are available in paper and CD ROM form from many sources, including
          If you want to see the details of how the car came from the factory, you can order a reproduction Production Order from the Studebaker National Museum
          By the way, post a picture sometime of your find; we'd love to see it! And keep us updated too.


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            As has already been said, you will be surprised at how easy it is to find parts. You came to the right place on the forum as you will get great advice and help here. Make sure you join the SDC right away. Maybe it's not too late to get the May issue of Turning Wheels (it has my car on the back cover).

            Also check out your local club. That is another amazing resource for anything you need. When I first bought my Studebaker, I too, thought parts might be hard to find. I sure found out differrent. This is a great club and the best thing about it is the people.

            You'll see.
            Jon Stalnaker
            Karel Staple Chapter SDC


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              First let me thank you all for your interest and responding. In 20 plus years this is the first forum
              I have ever been involved with.

              A little more on the car (maybe someone even knows the car)
              As I stated it came from Arizona very close to the western border. I have the original owners name and such but not with me at present. It is the exact same car as the one in Franks posting except that is is the champion model with overdrive. It also has the optional bumper guards front and rear. These however have not been rechromed and will need it. The cars is rust free except a couple nickel sized holes in one rocker. I cant remember the exact colors Rust something on the roof and a almost yellow on the bottom. I will try and post pictures when I can. Thanks again for your help.


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                That's three 52 hardtops to turn up on the forum in the last week. Are they still making these in Canada or something?
                For several years now I've kept a little registry and website on these unique cars. Drop me a line please with your serial # and numbers from the tag underhood. I'll send you a list of others that own these who have corresponded with me. Post up a picture and I'll add you to so we can show the world how cool these cars really are.


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                  Post up the serial # and someone here will tell you where it was assembled and to what dealership it was delivered.
                  First time I saw this I couldn't believe it, as it took less than a minute?? Someone asked what took so long and the response was "Slow typing"
                  Good Roads
                  Brian Woods
                  1946 M Series (Shop Truck)


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                    Originally posted by Michidan View Post
                    That's three 52 hardtops to turn up on the forum in the last week. Are they still making these in Canada or something?
                    I guess they make up for the 2 junker Starliners of my granddad's that got crushed, along with 20 other or so Studes.. Gotta love "friends".


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                      No Matthew. We are reproducing C/K's here in Canada!
                      Brian Woods
                      1946 M Series (Shop Truck)


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                        Welcome to the club and as a 52 HT owner which needs much more work than yous by the sound of it you are a luck man. Having all the HT unique trim pieces is huge beyond belief. When you and others mentioned the replacement rocker panel there was something not discussed. The 52 HT share the same reinforcements under the floors between the rocker panels and the frame rails with the 47-52 convertibles. For lack of a better name these can be called torque boxes or hog troughs. Mine are in very bad condition and replacements are not currently available. There is no reference these in the factory shop/body/chassis manuals. The Studebaker National Museum Archives could not locate the drawing when I ask to buy a copy last year. So fair warning if you are going to do the rocker panels look at the torque boxes too and be prepared to make something up as you go along. Best of luck and please post pictures when you can.
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