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55 Commander at Mecum 5/21/11

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  • 55 Commander at Mecum 5/21/11

    Lot S100 1955 Studebaker Commander 2-Door Hardtop
    259/185 HP HiPo, Automatic

    Dana Mecum's Original Spring Classic Auction - 24th Year
    May 17-22, 2011
    This Lot scheduled to be sold SAT 1:55PM
    Muscle Cars & More - Live TV Live on HD Theater, a Discovery Network
    The World's Largest Collector Car Auction - 2000 Vehicles
    Indiana State Fairgrounds
    1202 E 38th Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46205

    - Complete professional restoration
    - Never any rust, never damaged
    - 259/185 HP HiPo engine
    - Numbers matching
    - Build Sheet
    - Window sticker
    - #537588 factory high power kit
    - Full leather interior
    - Production order from 1955
    - Original owners manual and keys

    link to mecum auction page with more photos:
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    Only 4 barrel, dual exhaust Presidents and President Speedsters were 175 HP. 2 barrel, single exhaust Commanders were slightly less. (Same motor, different name)


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      I wonder what the "Window sticker" is. It is years too early for a factory price sticker (Maroney [sp] label). Perhaps it is one of the Richard Q. "specials".

      It also uses terms like "Complete professional restoration" along with "Full leather interior" (in a Commander).
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        I don't care if the white walls and wire wheels are incorrect. THAT is a snazzy car! Love the color.
        (read it backwards)

        Nothing is politically right which is morally wrong. -A. Lincoln


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          That is indeed a striking 55. Very nice. Junior
          1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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            Originally posted by kurtruk View Post
            I don't care if the white walls and wire wheels are incorrect. THAT is a snazzy car! Love the color.
            I agree. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, what-so-ever, either, "wrong," or, "incorrect," about that car.

            Now, there may be a few things that are not factory original, but that just makes it... non original. (I almost said, "Less than original," but I would have been both wrong, and incorrect in saying that. <G>
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            Dave Lester


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              It looks like this car sold for the bargain price of $61,000.


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                They sure are pretty, but $61,000? Mine appraised in at $30,000 and it's really pretty, too. 100 cars per minute passed my driveway on the weekend and at least 30% of them hit the brakes and cranked their necks when they caught a glimpse of the car. A few stopped in with Studebaker stories of their own. And one very young driver asked the inevitable "Who makes Studebaker?"
                Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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                  Very pretty, and completely unlike this monstrosity I saw the other day...



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                    I saw this 55 Commander at the Mecum auction. It was the star of the show. The factory production order was with the car, showing it was ordered with an option called the "high power kit" Thats why it had 185HP . This car was almost to nice to drive.


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                      The standard Commander 259 with 2 bl and single exhaust was rated at 165 hp. They called that the Bearcat. The standard President 259 with 4 bl and dual exhaust was rated at 185. They called that the Passmaster. My 259 Bearcat is bored 30 over, balanced, and I have Don Simmons' stainless exhaust. I'm hoping for 168 hp!!!! So I guess a factory high power kit put a Passmaster in a Commander. So glad these cars are getting some respect.
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                      Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)