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Most Unusal '63 GT Hawk You'll Ever See!

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  • Most Unusal '63 GT Hawk You'll Ever See!

    Look at the pictures first then read the story.

    This is a cake. A young woman in Front Royal, Virginia makes a cake every year for the retiring Shenandoah Region AACA Chapter President. This year's President has a '63 GT Hawk.
    This is her story about the Hawk-
    "Okay everybody here are pics of this years car. It is a 1963 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk. Since the winners never eat the cake, I used krispie treats for the body. To make this car I used 5 lbs. fondant, 4 lbs. gumpaste, 4 bags marshmallows, 2 family size boxes of krispies, 2 batches royal icing, 2 batches of decorator icing...that's about 12+- pounds of sugar. I' ve been working on it for a couple of weeks [since no one was going to eat it].
    Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. There is also a pic of the car it's modeled after.
    To all of you who helped me find photos and answered my annoying questions I thank you. No one from the Shenandoah Region AACA has seen it yet except for my dad, and he saw it before it was completed.

    One picture is of the actual Hawk.
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    WOW that is alot of work!!! The details on the interior are amazing considering the medium that hse is working in. Nice.



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      Reminded me of my best friend's daughter wanting a cake from Ace of Cakes for her graduation party. After finding she needed a $2500 deposit for their "art" she shopped elsewhere. Cakes can run from a basic $1000 job to over 20K, and that's just nuts IMHO.
      JDP Maryland


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        Fantastic job, but if I was going to put that much work in something I would want it in a more permanent medium.

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          O.K. I'll say it: SWEET!!!

          maybe Jon Stalnaker should talk to her:

          (read it backwards)

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            Wow, she really takes the cake.....and Studebaker to a whole other level! It doesnt drip oil or rust, but the heater doesnt work as the windows are frosted up....
            In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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              That is not only a work of love, but a work of art


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                Now I'm hungry....
                Jamie McLeod
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