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Great Studebaker Day!

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  • Great Studebaker Day!

    Loaded the 53 Stude on the trailer today and delivered it to our local custom muffler shop. The really good news is that the car started (after 2+years) and was able to be driven onto the trailer under it's own steam!! The power steering and brakes worked well. After dropping the Stude off in Petaluma went to Bob Peterson's shop in Hayward and picked up an almost flawless oil pan and frame clips for the power steering hoses. Took a small detour on the way home as Highway 80 was blocked due to a major accident. Went over the Bay Bridge to San Francisco and came home on Highway 101. The Golden Gate Bridge was delightful. Tomorrow the Stude will be street legal and as the guy with the sign says "THE END IS NEAR!".

    John Brayton

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    Thats fantastic now the fun begins. I just love driving my 54. But I like driving my 49 too.
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      Super! I know the thrill. Good luck and thanks for saving another one. Bob P. has been great to me , too.
      Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)