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Reg Hillary - Winning 1961 Studebaker co-Driver Shell 4000 Rally to speak at ON Swap Meet Apr 23

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  • Reg Hillary - Winning 1961 Studebaker co-Driver Shell 4000 Rally to speak at ON Swap Meet Apr 23

    Its official - Reg Hillary, the WINNING co-driver of the Shell 4000 Rally (Driving a 1961 Studebaker) will be coming to the Ontario Chapter Swap Meet on April 23, 2011 in Badenoch, Ontario (Canada). Some may remember his very interesting talk from a few years ago.

    The swap meet runs from 9:00 to 4:00, and Reg will give a short presentation on his winning drive at about 11:00. After that, he will be happy to answer any questions that you may have... and of course... check out all of the Studebakers that you bring.

    More details on the Swap Meet are available at:

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    Cool. I hope to be there, though my Lark will probably not be, I expect she'll still be in the shop then. It will be interesting to hear what Mr Hillary has to say...and to see some of the local Studebakers for the first time in a while!



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      Very cool, guys. Congrats. Someone will hopefully record his presentation. BP
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        Originally posted by BobPalma View Post
        Very cool, guys. Congrats. Someone will hopefully record his presentation. BP
        Yea, what BP said. I would love to meet another one of the guys who participated in the Studebaker effort in that rally. (I met Stu Chapman and York a couple of years ago and spent a lot of his time talking about the Studebaker rally effort.)
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          Even though the weather has been terrible here in the last week, I have been assured that it will be warm and dry this Saturday. Make sure you renew your license or insurance tomorrow, because they probably won't be open on Friday!


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            Paul et al--

            Had a great time today at Badenoch and enjoyed Mr Hillary's presentation thoroughly. En route out there I wondered whether anyone would actually show up; the weather was pretty stinko...but by lunchtime it was bright and breezy. Five Studes (not including mine, for the first time since I've owned her), and an excellent turnout of SDCers. Bravo...Here are a few pix from the day, a couple at a time...

            The scene when I my surprise there were already three Studebakers on site, a Hawk and two 64 4drs.

            Stay tuned...



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              Here's the Hawk, a '58 Silver six, and a view of the Champion 185 under the hood...



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                The two '64s were a Commander and a Daytona; the Daytona towed a trailerful of parts to the meet...


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                  This '50 Champion is the second Stude acquisition for a couple from the Hamilton chapter; they also have a '64 GT.

                  Here's the potent R2 '64 GT (now a PSMCD veteran) that belongs to "studebaker-R2-4-me" from the forum. (The Champion owner is on the forum too, but his forum name escapes me at the moment...)


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                    And finally, as Paul noted at the start of this thread, Reg Hillary, winning '61 Shell 4000 rally driver for Studebaker Canada, was on hand and gave an excellent talk about the '61 rally followed by a Q&A period. Present, though, were two Studebaker rally drivers rather than one--Stu Chapman was there too, with copies of his recent memoir My Father The Car. Stu of course was the company's advertising/PR director, but also drove in rallies for Studebaker Canada in 1965 and '66. Here are both gentlemen (Stu at left, Reg at right) chatting before Mr Hillary's presentation. (I'd love to see one of the rally Studebakers recreated someday...if I ever have the chance I may give that a go myself!)

                    Here's the link for the P'bucket album...

                    Cheers all

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                      The weather was quite nice today, too bad there weren't more studes there.
                      Thanks Paul for another good day.


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                        I told everyone we that we were going to have good weather - and I was right! Unfortunately, it really was stinko (as Steve pointed out!) up to about 11:00. Note to self: Next time, specify TIME and date when weather is to be good.

                        It was good to see a few faces I haven't seen in a while - for example Larry Reid - the owner of the only car/truck I have ever been able to award a full 400 judging points to - I think around 1982. He showed me pictures of the truck today, and it looks as pristine as when he finished it almost 30 years ago. It is now in the Ottawa area. Thank you to all of the others who showed up despite the weather.

                        Reg looked as chipper/sharp/dashing as ever. He advised that we were only a week away from the 50th anniversary of his winning ride, and that he was now 90 years old. He drove himself to the meet.

                        I do have a 1/2 hour DVD tape of his talk. I am not sure how to post.

                        A gentleman called John Porter is working to get Reg inducted into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame. I will start a separate thread on this, and I'm hoping for a little support (again) from SDC members.


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                          It was a good day yesterday , Paul . Too bad the weather wasn't good in the morning because we usually get a few Studes show up . But the weather didn't stop the people and as always I seem to come home with a part or 2 that I wasn't figuring on.
                          Good job !

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