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    I am just waiting for my rotating assembly to come back from being balanced and it is time for the short block to be assembled. I have put together a few SBCs from scratch and been pretty far into some other brand Xs so I know "good practices and techniques". But this is my first Stude adventure. I have a factory manual for guidance but I was hoping there might be a book or two out there that might give additional insight on the ways of the Studebaker? Anyone know of any? Just looking for a security blanket.

    Jon Kammer

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    It was recommended to me to get the book “Some Thoughts on Restoring a Studebaker” by Charles “Chuck” Lampman. It has an excellent section on rebuilding a Studebaker engine. It has been very helpful to me during the project.

    Charlie D.


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      Follow the shop manual to the letter... At least that is what I did. I too had experience with other engines, mostly ag engines, but had never touched a Stude. It's been running 4 years now,uses no oil,has 60psi oil pressure, and runs strong.

      The only thing that was out of the oridinary was the crankshaft endplay procedure, and those connecting rod pinch bolts.
      1962 Champ

      51 Commander 4 door