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    A question for you guys . Probably answered by someone long before
    I got on to this Forum . ( Does not apply to the Packard Hawk ) .

    The side trim that runs the length of the cars . The insert on some of
    the vehicles is a 'gold' colour ( anodised ?) and on the others seems
    to be a 'silver' colour ( natural colour ?) .

    There doesn't seem to be any pattern emerging when I see photos
    of surviving cars . Does fitment of one colour rather than the other
    relate to the original paint scheme for each car , or is there another
    logical reason . Are NOS trim pieces available for these cars at all .


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    Hi Bruce, I'm not sure re the colour variation but if you look at the cars in this link you'll see that it appears to be related to body color.

    Suggest you contact Studebaker International re the trim as these cars were basically "tarted up Studebakers" as the Packard Detroit "Conner Avenue" factory had closed in June (I think) 1956.

    This website - Packard Info is very good, I used to visit when a member of the Aussie Packard Club, they're as helpful as we are in providing info for folks.
    John Clements
    Christchurch, New Zealand


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      The correct color is gold. The nos set are very rare and go for a ton of money. You can see a few individual pieces for sale on ebay. They did fade rather quickly and that is why many look silver either due to rain, weather elements or car washing. If you pull a set off of a car.......they are all gold on the backside.


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        They are all gold anondized aluminum on non-Hawk Packards (the Hawk used gold Mylar). The gold tends to fade and wear off, so that is why many appear silver/aluminum color.
        Gary L.
        Wappinger, NY

        SDC member since 1968
        Studebaker enthusiast much longer