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    Back in 2006 my son and I were at a car show together. Me with my 54 and he with his 71 Riviera.
    One of the spectators asked if he could take some measurements off our cars as he said he wanted to put the Riviera roof and rear on a 54 Stude. He didn't have either car, and I figured he was just a dreamer. Maybe deranged for wanting to do that to a Studebaker. But I didn't think it would ever happen.
    Well, this month some of my sons friends told him of such a car, so he went to see it, and sure enough it was the same man and he remembered my son. It's not complete and not painted yet but it is not as bad an abortion as I imagined it would be. Not my cup of tea, but at least not horrible.
    I want to post 3 pictures but forgot how. Also, i read somewhere that there is a size restriction. Please point me in the right direction.


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    Hey Alex!
    Try and save your pic's as 640x48, or 800x600.
    I always make a separate subfile named 'small' for each of my albums.
    Then put a 'copy' of the entire folder into the 'small' subfile and re-size it down for Webshots, Photobucket, or for posting in forums.
    You can easily add pic's here by just clicking on the pic icon and choosing to add from your own file.
    There's a 'sticky' up top that explains it.

    BTW... Alex has been around Stude's for a long, long time.
    I first heard/saw Alex when he was featured in a Hot Rod annual pictorial issue way back in the late sixties, or early seventies.
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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      Washington state Studebaker restorer/customizer/fixer/painter/dealer and SDC Chapter ex-pres/editor Allen Barth is doing a similar custom project for a client and after trying to get the boat tail Riveria roof to fit, gave up and went with a piece of flat back glass from a GM car of the late 40s. He said the different widths prevented using a Buick top/rear window...which he he gave it a good try.
      I guess it could be done if you had a custom rear window..and in that case you wouldn't need the Buick parts.

      It will be a good looking custom when done.
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        I look forward to seeing pix of this...except for the nose it'll probably be reminiscent of the little Mattel "Studabeaker". Which '54 Stude model is it?



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          There was a very nice fastback 53 in the Toronto area in the 60s, owned by a former Studebaker dealer(?).

          Last time I saw it was in the late 70s (?), and the new owner had taken much of it apart for a very ambitious restoration. It had been repainted, new interior, and rebuilt (or new engine), but all apart. I haven't seen it since.

          As I recall, he used a GM fastback from the late 40s or early 50s.


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            OK, I hope this works.
            Looks like he solved the too big problem by letting the roof overhang a bit by the side window and by squaring it off near the front window. It should look a lot better when it is painted.
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              And it's for sale.


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                WTH is the deal with Caddy taillights?
                BTW, don't care for the Riv backlight.
                Thought it would be cool - it's not.
                Try it on a bulletnose?
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                  to each his own...but I think there were two really good looking cars that were sacrificed to make one weird one.



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                    I agree. If he had to have a fastback he should have done this, using a 64 Barracuda.
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                      i can see what i think he was trying to do - sort of a rear end treatment to match the nose... i like the cuda better, sort of "avant-ish".
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                        I like the Barracuda idea, Alex.
                        The only difference between death and taxes is that death does not grow worse every time Congress convenes. - Will Rogers


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                          Too much C pillar for me, that and the slant of the quarter window and the backlite do not match.
                          Other that that, the "which way is it going" thing kinda works?


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                            I don't find it objectionable at all. If it were me, I'd would not have added those small fins, but retained the stock top stainless trim, and I would have used taillight assemblies from a 1967 Mercury Commuter station wagon.



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                              i'd trade my 27 and 31 project cars for this puppy and take it with me to the ratrodruckus this month or the Ventura primer nationals (needs some bright plum pinstripes first) and some flame throwers.