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'53 Stude wrecked in old Boris Karloff movie...

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  • Studedude1961
    I think "Targets" was one of Boris Karloff's greatest movies and a real time capsule of late 1960s Hollywood. Most of the scenes were filmed in the San Fernando Valley. The drive-in scene at the end (where the Studebaker was victimized) is particularly good. I would recommend this movie to anyone.

    Karloff went on to make two quickie movies "The Witch House" and "Curse of the Crimson Alter". He died in 1969. I had the very good fortune of speaking with Sara Jane Karloff, Boris' daughter, several times in the 1980s and 1990s when I lived in California and attended movie memorabilia events. She was every bit as humble and personable as her famous father was said to have been.

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  • edpjr
    started a topic '53 Stude wrecked in old Boris Karloff movie...

    '53 Stude wrecked in old Boris Karloff movie...

    It may be common knowledge, but while I was watching an obscure 1968 Film called "Targets" on FLIX cable channel today there was a scene in the last 10-15 minutes where a red '53 Stude was involved in a collision at a drive-in movie. There were a lot of vintage cars in the drive-in scene, but this one definitely caught my attention and I winced. This flick may've been Karloff's last since he died in 1969.