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1958 silver hawk

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  • 1958 silver hawk

    Hello people When I turned 15 in 1995 my dad bought me a all original driver 58 silver hawk. I am 30 now and have fun fun with my car. Anyways I just was wondering really how rare the 58 silver hawks are. I know the golden hawks are rare but can't find no info on my silver hawk as in prod numbers or whatever else specific info on the breakdown info if there is any. Also I've seen tons of Picts and some other 58 hawks and see that some have simalar interior as mine but others have diff. Just wondering why that is. O my hawk is a flathead 185 and 3 speed overdrive. The original color is blue with white tail fins. Anyways any info would be awesome.

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    O If anyone knows or has a manifold for my 185 I need one mine has a crack on the exhaust side. Also I'm looking for a fixer upper avanti or avanti ii. I would trade my driver hawk for a fixer upper. If Anyone is interested I'll send Picts of it. The avanti has been one of my all time dream cars.


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      Joe D.


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        From Oct.92 TW : '58 Silver Hawk Coupe 6Cyl-2442 total built,-1,782 in SB,and 239 in Canada,421 built for export.!!
        Total of all '58 Silver Hawks built: 7,350. [included in this number are 56 HARDTOP Silver Hawks built in Canada,all with 259 v-8 power]