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Quick Update: Foundry & Engineering Bldg Demolitions

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  • Quick Update: Foundry & Engineering Bldg Demolitions

    This just in from SDCer Don Galeziewski (pronounced gale ZESS key) of South Bend.

    You may remember from previous posts that Don is a South Bend native and has now worked in SB Police Administration for decades. His office is across the street from the Engineering Building (most recently SASCO) and close to the Foundry.

    He's in a position to ask questions of people he knows who know what is going on. He said it was OK to post the latest. (Thanks, Don):

    Bob: I spoke with a city engineer today who is involved with the demolition.

    He stated that the concrete Ss and Studebaker Wheel & Script have been safely removed and stored by the city for future use, along with the old Sample Street Guard House.

    Plans are to assemble these somewhere in Ignition Park as some type of memorial to the Studebaker Corporation. DG
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    That is great news! I hope the finacial crisis that cities are in today blows over enough that the plans they have for these things come to reality. I fear that the former plant location might just become a giant meadow. Yes, there was a company that has signed to have a place there, but that company was formed just a couple of months before they signed their intent, so the likelyhood is, ahem, "cloudy".
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      Hope somebody saves a pile of bricks so that we Studebaker fans can get a genuine momento. Chris, are you listening? Perhaps you could sell bricks at the Stude swap meet and raise money for your 'fix the 1940 Champion' fund.
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        I got a couple dozen bricks back when they gave the tour, sure would be nice to get a couple more.


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          Bricks! Get your bricks here! Can't have just bricks, get genuine Studebaker core sand too!! Goes to a good cause, keep good ol' Ely Stokes on the road!!!

          On a serious note, I DO still have lots of bottles of core sand and a box of bricks and I still offer them for sale to anybody who wants them. $15 get you a Studebaker brick and sand shipped right to your door (I do ship international, obviously that costs a little more. The last one went to Australia actally...) To whom it may concern, I will also TRADE bricks. I am looking for bricks from the newman & altman building 53/58, the stamping plant, and any of plant 1. They just have to be authentic, no back yard finds... I'm always doing my part to dumpster dive for artifacts. Somebody has to...
          Chris Dresbach


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            Does anyone have or know how to get a blueprint or a diagram of the foundry?


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              Originally posted by acandilas View Post
              Does anyone have or know how to get a blueprint or a diagram of the foundry?
              Museum archives might have something. I have a plant map that shows an outline of the foundry and where the cupolas are and marks a sub station under the foundry, but not much detail.
              Chris Dresbach