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Chopped 1963 Lark Custom 2dr in Hop Up

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  • Chopped 1963 Lark Custom 2dr in Hop Up

    Scroll about halfway down this link once you open it:

    The car isn't done and I'm not too keen on radical mods...but having gone this far, how about finishing it, lowering the suspension, and putting on a set of large-diamater wheels and skinny meats?
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    Not my cup of tea.


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      Reminds me of what Bertone did to the 260 series Volvo to create the 262C.



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        Cool shots..
        Wonder how many of those MORMON METEOR's were made ? By the pictures title, at least three.

        The Peterson Muesum in Los Angeles also has one. It's either not restored, or maybe was restored a LONG time ago.

        Interesting way of chopping the top.. Just move the whole thing foward, in one piece.. No filler pieces that way, except for the package tray area. Wonder if they did the front the same way. Couldn't see any primer spots near the front of the roof where they could have stretched that area.



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          It is interesting.


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            Not something I would tackle, but it shows promise!
            Most chop jobs look better on paper, this one could make a decent looking car.


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              Would like to see some other photo angles for sure.

              Really laid the back glass forward didn't it.
              Here's to hoping the car gets finished, and not photographed outside
              because good donor glass couldn't be found.

              Hey at least they fixed that rust on the trailing edge of the front fenders.
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                I like it. With that rear window layed down, and tail-dropped stance it's a natural for a 60's style lead sled tribute to the Mercs of the early 50's. This car has a lot of potential. Junior
                1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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                  Wow, I really like that!
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                    I like it better than any stock '63 Lark I've ever seen.