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Mac's 53 coupe is almost done....

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  • Mac's 53 coupe is almost done....

    The wife and i went to a party saturday at Ed and Cyndi George's place. took a couple shots of Mac's 53 to share with you guys. Ed says it is in stage 2 buff now with almost all wet sanding completed. the car looks like a black mirror to me, but he says it's not done. the new wheels and tires are on, and it looks like 200 mph just sitting there. waiting for stainless from MB, and the bumpers gotta go on.
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    Nice looking car. It is like a mirror. Too bad Studebaker couldn't make the paint look like that (I know, no one could in the '50s - at least with production paint).
    In the small pictures that I am looking at, I do not see holes or shafts for the windshield wipers. Do I just not see them or is there some other solution? Even if you do not use them, most states require them.
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      you are right, no wipers. Mac stays pretty local with the car, and has driven it this way for many years. no state inspection for passenger vehicles in Illinois, so a little rain-x and you're good.
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      64 daytona 2dr hardtop


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        This is not Mac's car, its mine. I know its hard to tell the difference being that both are black and both 54 Coupes, and ,OK his is a little more shiny than mine, but I don't run wipers on my car either. I've had them off the car for a couple of decades now. One of the benefits of living in Northern California, but in the last 20 years its become a fair weather driver anyway. Just kidding Mac. Gorgeous car.
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          I like the new wheels!


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            WOW, what else can be said? Please post lotsa photos when this baby is finished. Junior.
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              bump to the top so that others who know Ed George can enjoy the pics of his work.
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                Wipers are so overrated

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                  Lookin' slick, Ed & Eddie. Good work! BP
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