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What car was the most difficult to change spark plugs?

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    Golly, I have changed spark plugs on VW Beetles countless times without resorting to dropping the engine. You just need to have the proper length extension on your spark plug socket, or use a short piece of fuel hose forced onto the insulator to get the plug started in the threads. If it spins in easily with finger-tip torque, it's not cross-threaded. Then you put the ratchet on the socket, and snug it up.

    Of course, maybe the steering column gets in the way on RHD Beetles sold in Australia.
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      Originally posted by JRoberts View Post
      What about the Chevy Citation with the V-6 engine. I was told that without the pulling or dropping of the engine it was impossible to get to the rear plugs. True or False?
      not sure about spark plugs, but you had to pull the master cylinder and booster to get the starter out.

      Amc had the production rights to the Wankel, not GM. Not having the $$ on hand to get it into production put the 258 in there. They had also taken advantage of the lightwieght wankel and made the car a bit heavier, dropping the 258 in there made the car heavy and underpowered.


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        Helped a friend with a 96 Cadillac ETC with a Nortstar V8.
        Not fun at all!!!!!!!!!!!
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          Early OHV V8 "Road Race" era Lincolns ('53, '54) had the plugs buried under the exhaust manifolds. One of the Chilton manuals advised jacking the thing up and removing the front wheels.

          Horror stories are endless on late model cars. A nuisance engine oil leak on a 2003 VW Passat (with the rare W8 4 liter eight cylinder high performance engine) required removal of front bumper, grille, dropping the transmission, front components of the AWD along with suspension, pulling the engine. That $2500 job was just to find the source of the leak!
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            Top Fuel / Fuel Funny Car

            It's not difficult getting them out of the head.....but they can leave blisters on the fingers getting them out of the wrench without dropping them..!
            They're still blazing hot for as long as it takes to get back to the pit area.