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Hawk rear spring swap

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  • Hawk rear spring swap

    I have a 56 Hawk that has cracked leaves in both rear springs-do the 57 & newer Hawks use the same leaf springs? (I was told there is a difference). Also, has anyone swapped in a set of springs from something newer/easier to find as far availability is concerned?? Any ideas?

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    Any spring shop can make you a leaf for your existing spring.


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      57 is the same. 58 up are different. The main leaf is most expensive at $140 each but the others are relatively inexpensive. Depends on which ones are cracked.


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        Your profile doesn't indicate where you are at. If we knew, perhaps someone could recommend a spring shop in your area.
        If you were in central PA I would recommend Penn Public in Altoona. Charlie tells me he always keeps a set in stock for Studebakers.
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          I've got a set off a '56 Power Hawk in the shed here in Spokane. I'd make you a deal on them, but shipping may make it less expensive to have them made locally.

          The early Studes use a symmetrical spring. Most of the cars you'll find in the Pik n Pull will have asymmetrical springs, longer in the rear section.

          Is yours a restoration or a custom? If you want something really trick, I've got a set of fiberglass rear springs for the '53-57 C/Ks I'd let go for $395 + shipping.

          jack vines