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  • 1940 Studebaker photoseries

    If you are "In the Mood" this is a nice video w/music. Just happened on to it. Enjoy viewing a beautiful 1940 Studebaker. Maybe it has appeared on the forum before and some of you will probably know the car and its owner. Maffe Bros. Studebaker of Bellaire, OH is shown with a Richard Quinn credit. They sold our car to its prior and original owner.
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    Does anyone know where I can get a set of hubcaps like those in the seventh photo down from the top?
    Also, are those "Bright Rings" chromium plated or are they stainless? Thanks.


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      I know where one is sitting in a lean-to,2dr. close coupled coupe needs restoring but complete & no rust perforation,the owner won't sell or ever do anything with it.Too bad as they

      are a beautiful car when done up.

      The same guy owns a 32 Dictator St.Regis broughm & 32 Rockne rumble seat roadster.Same deal with these cars,to bad but such is life.
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        very nice!!!

        i would think the trim rings would be chrome, since the hubcaps (at least on my '40 champion), are chrome.
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          That's our local club web site... thanks for dropping in!
          Dave Lester


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            This one is for sale, and if all works out it will be at the Springfield Meet.

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              BEE-YOU-TIFFULL!!! A great example of how the earlier fat-fender auto's of the mid thirties began to transition into the in-fender headlights and flowing sheet metal that set the stage for post-war designs.

              Cars like this are likely to elicit "I never knew" musings from auto enthusiasts that are too young to have been exposed to the make "back in the day."

              Adjectives like Regal, expensive, solid, and most of all, elegant, come to mind. Even the dinky little front arm rest (later used in trucks) does not affect the quiet dignity of this wonderful machine.
              John Clary
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                Wow! What a beautiful car. Thanks for sharing.
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                  Me like, me like...
                  Chris Dresbach