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Who's got a 63' parts' car with part needed...?

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  • Who's got a 63' parts' car with part needed...?

    My 63' Cruiser somehow in it's past got the copper oil pressure line swapped out for a shade-tree replacement. Funny looking connection, and was working fine until I drove it to the local Stude lunch last Sunday.....It gave up and I lost about a qt of oil. Someone fabbed a connection at the end of the line from the dash gage to the oil flex line to the block. I have a replacemet flex line (actually 2, one for the trunk on rides)...what I need is the copper line from the back of the oil pressure gage to the flex line...Any help is appreciated....I'm assuming the V8 or 6 will work. Best I get a V8 car line..if not

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    Jack you need to put where you are in your information so we can help you better.
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      Pretty sure I have a used one somewhere. It came from a 63 V8 I parted. You can HAVE it, if you let me know where you are.
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        Hi Kurt: I live in Mass. would be happy to send you any $$ for the shipping to me in a off line. THX