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    My 55 was stored in an unheated garage for the last 5 months and I put in a fresh battery and she fired on the fourth revolution. It's minus five degrees C. Pumped up one tire and drove her home (5 miles). No mice! Only collateral damage was a refinished piece of antique furniture that my host had stored three feet from the exhaust. Black carbon sprayed it like a skunk (oops). Left the e brake on but no locked wheels and full pedal. Speedo squeeked and squeeled. Was reading 60 mph but I think it was exagerating I have an appointment in two weeks to have all my upgrades installed that i collected over the winter from my SDC and eBay friends. Thanks guys. The season as started!!!
    Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)

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    Next weekend I hope to have my Cruiser mobile again. Wish the winters didn't bring on salty roads, I wouldn't put her away!


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      A week ago the temp almost made it to 70. The Studebaker had not been out and about since December. I stopped at the park and some young people wanted to know, "What kind of car is that?"

      At NAPA I bought motor oil, etc. and employees and customers checked it out. Then I stopped to top off the gas tank and check the tire pressure. Several people had questions and favorable comments. It made the trip fun and me anxious for the season to get here.
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        friday, i took the '40 to the mini-mart for a little fuel and some "cold ones" for me.
        took me 15 minutes to get out of the parking lot - so many folks looking and asking questions... loved it. our 1st car show is next sat. apr 2...
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          I plan to put my truck back on the road next week. Yesturday seemed like such a nice Spring like day I was actually wondering what I was waiting for and took some pictures to tease my Alberta friends with..
          But woke up this morning and it is snowing again! Can't even brag to Junior about the weather here in the Okanagan today????
          What could it be like in Calgary?
          Good Roads
          Brian Woods

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            Originally posted by woodysrods View Post
            What could it be like in Calgary?
            My thermometer currently reads 30 F (metric not spoken here!), and we had snow yesterday. Tuesday is supposed to hit 46 degrees according to Envroment Canada's website, and remain in the mid-forties until the end of the week! They have been talking about flooding in Medicine Hat if the snow melts too fast.



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              It's especially satisfying for my Canadian friends (and my northern U.S. cousins) to be able to push the spring weather barrier. What happens in Calgary weatherwise happens in Ontario shortly after. You guys have a day or two to get through it before us. I say my U.S. cousins because so many of us are related and may not know it. My great-grand-daddy by 6 (Colonel Gideon Warren of the Vermont Militia / Green Mountain Boys) rode with Ethan Allen in 1776. So I get a little twisted when people make distinctions. We are more alike than many Canadians, and Americans, are led to believe. Peace
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              Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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                I like your byline.

                Glad you've got your car out already. I've still got lots of snow in front of the barn doors, and its still a little (well, a lot) cold.

                In general, Studebakers start very well in the cold. I remember my dad hosting a function at the cottage in the winter, and everyone had new cars except him. (3 other cars.) It got really cold, and his Studebaker was the ONLY one that would start!

                I haven't forgotten about your door mechanism - I expect to be able to get soon.

                Also, you may wish to come to the Studebaker only Swap Meet on April 23, 2011 in Badenoch - near old Hwy 6 and 401, south of Guelph.



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                  I do wish to come to the swap meet, Paul! I found a door mech on eBay but it hasn't arrived yet. I can find a sitter for mom for the 23, I hope. I'll PM you closer to the date. Thanks, Big Guy
                  Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)