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    Has anyone here got any pictures of the 50's Studebaekr Camper Trucks. I am picking one up this week and would like to know more about them. Pictures or literature or stories of people owning one would be appreciated. I will post pictures of the truck in the next day or two.

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    There is a family from Ohio (I believe) that have been to almost (if not all) International meets since I have been attending; but alas, I do not know their names. You can see their vehicle on the top of page 35 in the September 2010 TURNING WHEELS.


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      There was one in central Fla. It was in TW once (may have been the cover?) But I don't remember what year.
      Neil Thornton


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        It seems to me there is one at Bell's Studebaker Diner & Museum in Bellingham Wa. Phone # 360 738 0103


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          Originally posted by Vernon C Cab View Post
          It seems to me there is one at Bell's Studebaker Diner & Museum in Bellingham Wa.
          Do you recall what color it was? I ask because for as many times as I've been there- I don't recall seeing one there. A tanker truck, a Toter, and two or three flat stake beds are what I remember- most inside, but some outside. I know for fact that they DO have that '65 Wagonaire with the fancy slide-in camper, though...
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            One of the members of the Cascade Chapter has a 63 or 64 Motorhome type. I think it is for sale. It's looks to be in great shape. I might be able to find some pictures if you want.....Bob
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                Wow. I knew this was the place to ask for info. I love the red and white one. Later model than the one I'm getting and a different model of camper but judging by the taillights and overall design I would say it was built by the same company. Here is some pictures of the one that is now joined our Bucket List Dream Racing Team:

                We are excited about making the camper into our race car support vehicle. I'll post some pictures of the truck as we work to make it once again road worthy.


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                  I can guarantee a couple, which in all these years, seemed to be all I have from the Stude shows. This was taken at the Studebaker International Meet in Rapid City in 1999:

                  And this was taken at the 150th Anniversary Meet in South Bend in 2002:

                  Very rarely have I seen the actual camper types show up for the concours, or the actual meets. The punchline, of course, is it takes care of the booking problem at the host hotel .
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                    That creamy white Transtar with camper I'm nearly certain belongs to Robert and Debbie Dean of New Albany, OH. They belong to the Ohio Region and Heart of Ohio chapters of SDC. It's a '62 and has power steering.
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                      The 46 camper I think belongs to someone here in the northwest. The 63 belongs to a member of the Cascade Chapter here in Oregon...Bob Click image for larger version

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                          Try Google
                          Select 'pictures'
                          Enter "Studebaker Campers"

                          More than a few pic's are there...even a couple of Packard Campers...
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