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62 Lark going on ebay this evening.

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    John, I remember first seeing that car up at Autumn Leaf Festival at Clarion, before I had any idea who you were! I bet that was 20 (?) years ago...I remember being astounded at the low odometer reading! That is my very favorite '62 Studebaker color. For some reason, I remember a few '62 Larks around Greenville when I was a kid, but they were all that faded Nestle's Quik brown color!
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    Bill Pressler
    Kent, OH
    (formerly Greenville, PA)
    Currently owned: 1966 Cruiser, Timberline Turquoise, 26K miles
    Formerly owned: 1963 Lark Daytona Skytop R1, Ermine White
    1964 Daytona Hardtop, Strato Blue
    1966 Daytona Sports Sedan, Niagara Blue Mist
    All are in Australia now


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      Thanks for the kind words about my Lark. It's one of my favorites and is one of the most comfortable and easy to drive of all my Studes. It is a six with an automatic and a 4:10 rear end, so it doesn't like to go fast, but with radials seems ok at up to 65 or so. It's a perfect parade car because it never overheats and "parades" at about the right speed on it's idle setting.

      With first gear start it shifts twice in a very short distance on the level, but will move out rather quickly if you want to. Alas it doesn't have one more gear to shift into. No power steering or power brakes, no carpet, no radio, no outside mirrors from the factory. No seat belts either, 'tho the floors were drilled and threaded with rubber plugs installed.

      I bought it in 1985 for $ 3500. The "little old lady" story. I took it for a test drive and turned the odometer over to 8001. It still had its original Firestone Deluxe Champion tires on it and the spare had never been used. I live in the country, but it lived in town and drove like it had never been on the highway. If I didn't check the speedometer frequently I was only doing about 35 to 40. It took awhile to get it to maintain about 50 driving down my country road.

      It still wears the original paint which is very thin in spots, and has some scrapes and scratches most of which were on it when I bought it. It even has a couple paint runs in the door jams. It's also the only Stude I have that has no water leaks, but none of the glass has ever been out of the car either.

      Today it has some 40,000 miles on it and has been driven as far west (from Pittsburgh) as Minneapolis to the International Meet. Its also been to Indy and has lapped the track there in an all Studebaker field, and to South Bend several times and has been on the track at the proving grounds. We've had fun together.
      It's a great driver!
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        That's a very nice looking car. I wish you well with the sale. I, unfortunately, don't have the room for another car.
        '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
        Recording Secretary, Long Island Studebaker Club