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61 Hawk Dash Inlay

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  • 61 Hawk Dash Inlay

    Does anyone know how the swirl pattern was created on the inlay?

    Any idea what the inlay is made of?
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    Embossed aluminum.
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      It was called "engine turned" finish, popular years ago and still used alot. If you need new overlays you can get the material and cut it up yourself or have a company make them to order--here's a link to one.


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        If you have some time(something I have loads of, lol) you can do this on your own. I did some with some cut up dowel rod and a drill press for a console plate for the '55. Unfortunately, I'll have to make a new one, as I made the mistake of doing it with plated steel instead of aluminum, and it was installed in a car with a window permanently down(no interior or anything yet), so over the winter it turned into a rusty mess.
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