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Los Angeles Chapter Winter Meet

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    Our chapter (Los Angeles) has red shirts with a small logo and member name on the front above the pocket. They are really nice "golf" shirts, but it sounds like that was not what you are referring to. Let me know (PM or email at if you'd like to see a picture of our shirt.
    Howard - Los Angeles chapter SDC
    '53 Commander Starliner (Finally running and driving, but still in process)
    '56 Golden Hawk (3 speed/overdrive, Power steering - Running, but not yet driving)
    '62 GT Hawk (4 speed, A/C, Power steering - running and DRIVING!)


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      It was a great meet. Although I took my old digital camera I spent so much time talking that before I knew it I had to leave! Cant say enough praise for all that attended & the quality of the cars presented just seems to get better every year. My friend Stephen came with me to the meet & said he had a blast. Today we got his 60 Regal 4 door running down the road so I hope to convince him to take it to La Palma the end of may. Not for show, but just for the satisfaction of attending & participating.
      59 Lark wagon, now V-8, H.D. auto!
      60 Lark convertible V-8 auto
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      62 Champ 3/4 ton 5 speed o/drive
      62 Champ 3/4 ton auto
      62 Daytona convertible V-8 4 speed & 62 Cruiser, auto.
      63 G.T. Hawk R-2,4 speed
      63 Avanti (2) R-1 auto
      64 Zip Van
      66 Daytona Sport Sedan(327)V-8 4 speed
      66 Cruiser V-8 auto


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        Originally posted by barnlark View Post
        I see one member with the local chapter logo on his back. Any of those shirts for sale, Howard?
        The one I see looks like an Orange Empire SDC logo.
        Could that guy with his back to the camera be Doug?
        I know that is his '63/'66 in the picture.
        StudeDave '57
        US Navy (retired)

        3rd Generation Stude owner/driver
        SDC Member since 1985

        past President
        Whatcom County Chapter SDC
        San Diego Chapter SDC

        past Vice President
        San Diego Chapter SDC
        North Florida Chapter SDC


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          Originally posted by StudeDave57 View Post
          The one I see looks like an Orange Empire SDC logo.
          You're right, Dave. Now I want one of those, too.


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            That's me, say hi to your dad.