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My new '59 Lark.....

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    Handsome lil' car!
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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    Note: SDC# 070190 (and earlier...)


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      Very sharp indeed. You'll have no problem attracting attention.

      As said about the wheel alignment, be sure to grease every zerk you can find, including the center link pin. And obviously inflate your tires to proper psi.
      And off you go with ease.
      61 Lark



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        Beautiful car. You'll have some serious fun with that one. Smart buy with lots of work already done for you.

        Looks like you have 1960 tail lights on it, which are different than the 1959 versions, but they fit just fine. I just bought a pair of '59s in their original boxes....just in case a 2 door wagon falls in my lap.


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          That's a real sweetheart, Mark; congratulations.

          'Love the dual exhausts out back; is it a factory Power Kit car with 4 barrel as well?

          Nice car; you'll enjoy it. BP
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            Thanks for all the great comments!....

            We are excited about getting the car, and it is in great shape and a good looker.

            As to some of the specific questions and comments:
            For Bob - I don't know if it is an original 4 barrel car. It does have duals and an Edelbrock 1403 carburetor. I have ordered the build sheet already.

            For Dean - I am planning on attending the chapter meeting on Saturday, so you will get to see it.

            Regarding the front end comments, it does drive and steer well. The maintenance on the car has been top notch and the front end seems reasonably tight. It has some leakage from the steering box output shaft seal that I need to address, and the 205/75 tires are mounted on original rims, so I will find some wider base wheels for it.

            And boy does the rumble of those glass packs sound good!


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              That's what I picture when I think of "Lark". Very nice.
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