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  • Auction Tips Needed

    The Lotter Collection auction seems like a great opportunity to own some mores Studes

    There are some that I like, and I am seriously considering going

    I have been to many auctions, but none for cars

    Seems up with a briefcase full of money handcuffed to your wrist, bid, bring them home

    But there are other factors...title, do they run, transportation (I'm not showing up with a trailer)

    Could those of you that have attended car auctions share their dos and don'ts, tip and tricks

    (probably won't get much from the folks attending this auction!!)

    If I am going to spend the time/money to go...I'd like to be prepared...don't want to go home empty handed (titles that is!)

    Thanks for the input

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    If you have 1 or 2 cars that appeal to you call the auction company and ask if those vehicles have titles. In looking at the preview I would guess all of the cars offered have clean paperwork. The normal procedure is for the auctioneer to announce from the stand if a vehicle has no title as well as usually having the windshield marked. Good Luck, Steve


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      Not to belabor the obvious but why not call the auction company and ask what their terms are. If they will accept a letter of credit up to a certain amount, then that would be the easiest and safest way to carry a large amount of money.

      Secondly, what are there cash terms, paid the same day or 72 hours, etc.

      Lastly, how far away is it. If you can drive there in a few hours then just, go bid and return for your booty.

      If it's a long way away and the terms are cash, then I guess you need a briefcase full of money. If you don't own a trailer, then call the local U-haul folks and reserve one as long as you have the means to pull it.

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        obvious, but: don't get caught up in a bid war. set how much you will pay for what car(s) you want before you go and stick to it!!!

        sometimes not easy to do...
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          Several years ago, I bought 3 cars at an estate auction. Storage was not an issue there as I was able to keep the cars on site for several days while I arranged shipping. This was a small auction house overseeing the estate, so the rules were flexible. Bob has the right idea, above. Just do your homework on value before you even bid. Do not get auction fever, just cuz you gotta have it. Good luck.


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            Having been to several of Yvette's auctions I can tell you that there are several payment options accepted. Per her website, They will take cash .......or personal check backed by a letter of credit from the bank.....or credit card but buyer pays a 3% premium. Payment day of auction. She also lists some auctions on Proxibid which has a different set of conditions which I believe is a higher buyer's premium but you should check her website to confirm.

            If you call her she will tell you ahead of time whether or not a particular car has a clean title. I've done that on several of her auctions.

            Shipping....Peg Trucking that many of us use is headquartered very near the auction location. Peg may be able to help you with shipping, but I think I saw on the website that removal was day of auction to 10 days after. You may need to make some arrangement for local storage if you're trying to set up shipping back to the east coast area.

            Maybe I'll see you there. Still trying to work the schedule myself to make it.

            Yvette's group is great to work with and should be a positive experience if you go.
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              How 'bout a link to this auction?

              (read it backwards)

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                  If there is a preview day(usually the day before the auction) be there for that.Smaller crowd and you can really look the cars over without the noise and hustle of auction day.Take pictures of the cars you like.People may look at you funny but if the radiator mascot was there to start the day but someone swiped it during the auction you can bring it to the auctioneers notice.Perhaps someone here has personal knowledge of the vehicles and can give you some history.Bring your flashlight and refrigerator magnet.
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