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Question about 53 C & K and sedan grille bars

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  • Question about 53 C & K and sedan grille bars

    I know the 53 Studebaker C & K grille bezels are different
    the sedans are not as tapered on the lens end

    So my question is are the C & K grille bars the same as a sedan? I don't think so but some one selling them said they are the same!
    I could use a pair so i need some help on this subject

    Just so i know how long are the C & K models
    measuring the back side end to end

    Thanks for any information

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    What you refer to as the "grille bars" are the same for C/K and sedans for the 1953 model year. They are technically parking light assemblies.
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      For both '53 and '54 the shells/bezels/surrounds/housings/etc are different from sedans to C/K. For '53 the bars are the same for both sedans and C/K. For '54 the bars are not the same for sedans vs C/K. The teeth on the sedan ones are longer.

      The sedan grill shells are actually just taller compared the coupe ones as well as being less slanted and more upright. See this quick way to tell the difference if you see a loose one and don't know:

      Jeff in ND


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          That solvers the grille bars/ parking light assemblies question 53's are all the same

          Bezel/surrounds etc 5 1/4" C-K and Sedans 6" that is a quick way to ID them when there loose